Zing Zen Zone

What To Expect From Zing Zen Zone

Zing Zen Zone is a collaboration between the lovely Bodhini from Bodhi Aspirations and me and it’s based on the ways in which we take care of our own wellbeing during challenging times.  We have packaged up our favourite activities to calm your mind, reduce stress and
anxiety and improve your sleep during this corona-coaster.

  • Zing Zen Zone is our gift to you.  Each product has been created with your wellbeing in
  • A 60-minute pre-recorded blissful ‘Pilates by Candlelight’ class.
  • A short breathing exercise to calm your nervous system.
  • A Yoga Nidra and a Sound Meditation, both of which take you into a state of yogic sleep.  This will relieve stress and anxiety and aid good sleep.
  • An Anti-Anxiety Hypnosis Track which again helps to alleviate anxiety and aid sleep.
  • Wellbeing positive affirmations – I keep mine by my bed and turn one over every morning as soon as I wake up.

The best thing about everything being pre-recorded is that you can listen to and/or do them as often as you like and from the comfort of your home.

Everything you find in this caring package is aimed at supporting you through these
unprecedented times.  We give you permission to breathe, rest and calm your mind and body.

We hope you enjoy it.  If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Your Wellbeing Course


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Cost: £25

About Us

Angela Rake Pilates

Meet Angela

As a Pilates Teacher, Hypnobirthing Teacher, Women’s Wellness Coach, Mum of three, City escapee and perpetual life-juggler, Angela is a true believer that your health is your wealth.   She places her family’s wellbeing at the heart of their lifestyle.  As well as believing in the healing power of movement, Angela takes a holistic approach to wellbeing and enjoys sharing her journey to wellness with her clients.  Zing Zen Zone is a carefully-considered compilation of Angela’s favourite activities to calm the mind and body. It’s been perfectly packaged up, just in time for Christmas.

Bodhini Hridaya

Meet Bodhini

As a meditation facilitator with a personal practice of over 25 years, Bodhini is committed to guiding others on their path to health and happiness through the techniques and philosophies that have brought balance and positive benefits to her own life.

Bodhini is also a qualified yoga instructor, sound healer and Reiki practitioner. She is based in Harpenden and sharing meditation classes on Zoom, in order to bring calm to a chaotic world.


Time to focus on yourself

Destress and practice mindful breathing

 Release postural tensions and learn techniques to improve your posture and alignment

 Reset your nervous system

 Improve your sleep

 Take time to slow down and listen to your body

 Have some dedicated ‘me time’

 Reduce anxiety and learn how to use self hypnosis to relax and reduce anxiety

 Tackle those aches and pains caused by our modern busy lives

 Take yourself to place of peace and calm

Angela, I cannot thank you enough for last night, I just had my first full night of sleep in a month.  You’re the most amazing lady, thank you.

Emma Greaves

I just had the best nights sleep in sooooo long.  Thank you for an amazing Pilates by candlelight class last night! Loved it! X

Hazel Williams

I have attended various meditation sessions with Bodhini and can honestly say, no two sessions are alike. She holds a safe space for us to explore, embrace and practice different meditation methods. I continually learn something new and my practice, self-healing and awareness has grown because of her gifted teachings.

Min, Potten End,

Hi Angela. Thank you so much for last night’s class. Absolutely loved it! Feeling relaxed and re-charged. The best way to end the weekend. You are amazing 💕 xx

Tatiana Stimpson

I attended my first sound bath last night and it was amazing. I never imagined that I would spend my Friday night lying on a mat, under a blanket surrounded by the wonderful, hypnotic sounds of gongs, chimes and various other instruments from around the world for an hour and a half. It really was an incredible experience- a bit like floating in space and it was very uplifting. Bodhini and David are a very talented, intuitive duo. If you feel like trying something new then I would recommend this experience

Michelle, Harpenden

Thank you so much for this sound session. I must say that I was skeptical to see if this would work for me. I cannot believe that I fell asleep almost immediately and felt totally calm and refreshed for the rest of the evening. I have been raving about it to the whole team

S, GE Healthcare