When Can I Have A Postnatal Massage?

In the second of the mini series about postnatal massage, Zing Wellness co-founder James Rake  answers the question ‘when can I have a postnatal massage?’ It seem there is no simple answer to this.

This is a much more complicated question than you might think. My immediate thought is always to say as soon as feel you need one. We are, after all, in the business of looking after mums whether they have just given birth or whether they have older children. Of course, there are some births that are more complicated than others and it is important to consider the needs of the mother in all cases. If you have had a ceasarean birth or perhaps there was a greater degree of medical intervention these mothers may not be able to or want to have a massage straight away. When there is a scar involved this adds an extra layer of complication. It does not necessarily mean you cannot have massage though.

There are many cultures around the world that encourage the new mums to be ‘pampered’ as soon as they have given birth. I recently attended a postnatal massage course that was based on a ceremony from Central America and postnatal massage is a tradition that is passed from generation to generation. Rather than wait for an arbitrary six or eight weeks after birth the mums are encouraged to have a massage straight away. Many mums sail through the birth process without any complications and so it seems only appropriate that they should be able to have a massage immediately.

When Do You Want A Massage?

If you have had a more complicated birth whether it was a caesarean or a more medicalised birth then you will probably want to decide for yourself whether you are up to having a massage. There are, of course, many benefits to getting some release work done and you should talk to your massage therapist about when would be the best time for you.

Zing Wellness Postnatal Massage Harpenden


The other factor that I have to take into account is that most insurance companies ask you to have completed your six or eight week check up before you can have a massage. I find this incredibly frustrating as some GP surgeries do not even have this check. Having a check up for you and your baby is important especially for first time mums but it shouldn’t mean that you can’t have a massage before this.


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Everyone Is Different

I think it is important to take into account each mother’s birth and how they are feeling and whether they want or need a massage. Having a postnatal can have so many benefits and shouldn’t that be the most important consideration? Of course, the health and wellbeing of the mother needs to be taken into account but with a skilled therapist you are more likely to come away from the massage wondering why you didn’t book one sooner.

Zing Wellness Postnatal Massage Harpenden