Access Nourishing & Restorative Pilates & Wellbeing Courses From The Comfort Of Your Home

Here we have our Pilates & wellbeing courses you can do from the comfort of your own home.  There is a specialist  postnatal course called Core Care & Pelvic Floor Repair, a specialist pregnancy course called Move & Bloom and a Zing Pilates Online product suitable for anyone (subject to completing our client health questionnaire).

Zing Pilates Online

This is an online Pilates membership giving you access to a weekly pre recorded Pilates and restorative movement based classes suitable for ANYONE who wants to breathe deeply, destress, release, move and strengthen their body.  Whether you are a busy parent, a desk worker, retired, a budding athlete, have never exercised before, you have an injury or just want to improve your posture Pilates will benefit you.  Through mindful, simple and precise movements and gentle releases we will support you to rediscover your body, identify and alleviate postural based tension, move freely, improve your balance, increase your flexibility, as well as strengthening and toning your body. After the class you will feel reset, relaxed and recharged. The classes will vary in length but you will get an hour a week of Pilates.

 Core Care & Pelvic Floor Repair Postnatal Pilates & Wellbeing Course – Online

This is an online version of our postnatal Pilates & wellbeing course designed to give you all the essential information you need for a nourishing, safe,  supported and healthy postnatal recovery.  You can choose to do it over the 6 weeks or take your time using at as an opportunity to gently reconnect with your postnatal body and  take some time to yourself.  We want you to finish the course feeling strong, functional and happy and respectful of the fact that postnatal healing and motherhood is a journey and not a destination.  All the exercises are diastasis recti safe, pelvic organ prolapse safe and will help you to get a more functional pelvic floor and core and eliminate awful symptoms such as urinary incontinence or urge incontinence.


 Move & Bloom – Online

In this digital age we have created an Online version of our Move and Bloom course that gives you access to over 2 hours of pregnancy safe exercises focusing on gentle releases to alleviate pregnancy tension, restorative movement and strengthening exercises.  I’ll help you connect with your breath, pelvic floor and deep abdominals in readiness for childbirth and prepare you for your postnatal recovery.   You also get access to our Zing Wellness hypobirthing tracks.  Best of all, we have an online chat before you start and I provide most of the equipment you need to do your exercises at home.  

 Live Online Hypnobirthing Course – 1-2-1

If you would like to prepare for a positive birth, ANY type of birth, be it a c-section, Consultant led birth, midwifery led birth or home birth, i offer a live online hypnobirthing course.  The course can be done from the comfort of your own home over 3 x 1.5 hour sessions with homework in between each session.   I provide a wonderful pack full of useful resources, 30 beautiful positive birth affirmation cards, 6 hypnobirthing audio tracks recorded by me with my familiar voice and a copy of Milli Hill’s Positive Birth book.    The course is a wonderful way to come together with your birth partner and prepare for your special day together.

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