Wellbeing Massage

We are all in need of de-stressing from our busy, non-stop lives.

Many people live with constant levels of stress, with no end in sight. In light of our current situation, it may feel like life is not going to get any easier for a while.

Chronic stress has a significant impact on the body. Stress hormones are the body’s way of dealing with ‘fight or flight’ situations. If you are trying to fight a sabre-toothed tiger or trying to get to a meeting on time, the release of cortisol (the ‘fight or flight’ hormone) is very effective at making the body go from comfort mode to sport plus! Its release increases heart rate, breathing rate, energy production and blood pressure. Cortisol also works on suppressing inflammation in the short term but prolonged exposure to this hormone may actually suppress your immune system and make you prone to coughs, colds and other diseases.

One of the questions we ask many clients is what can you do to change your life so that it has less stress in it? The answer is, of course, to stop the thing or things that are causing them stress. Unfortunately, this is usually their job or some other part of their life which cannot change, unless they are willing to make a substantial leap into the unknown!


So what can you do about chronic stress? There are many simple things you can do, such as meditation and gentle breathing and doing regular exercise like Pilates. You should also think about what is causing you stress and consider what you can do to change it in the longer term. Sometimes this requires serious contemplation.

A really simple and incredibly effective method of combatting stress is to have a relaxing and regenerative massage. Stress makes your muscles tighten and a massage helps to release this tension and tightness. What’s more, regular massage helps to combat the build-up of this tension and tightness and, combining this with other small changes, you can really make a big difference to how you deal with stress, how it affects you and your body.

With a body that is stress- and tension-free, your life will improve immeasurably.

What do you get when you come for your massage?

We provide a sanctuary of tranquillity in which you are able to switch off from the world, even if it is only for an hour or two. You will have the time to relax, regenerate and start afresh, with a de-cluttered mind and a refreshed body. Often, hot stones are used as they are a very gentle way of relieving tension and stress in the body without being too strong. The massage bed is gently heated to further encourage relaxation and help to soften the muscles. The lights are dimmed and peaceful music is played to take you to a place that is total nirvana.

The best time to book a wellbeing massage is in the evening so that you can go straight home to bed and have a wonderful deep sleep. I even have some clients attending their massage in their pyjamas so they don’t have to change when they get home!

If you like the sound of this, why not book one now?


Zing Wellness

80 Luton Road, Harpenden, AL5 2UT

Telephone: 07747 78575 (Angela) or 07725 946124 (Nikki)

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Cost: £65


Book a 60 minute massage at Zing Wellness Studio.                                                                                                                                

Cost: £65



Is wellbeing massage still deep? 
This massage is all about relaxing and rejuvenating. Although some deep tissue therapy is included if you would like it, it is not necessary.

Is the massage a set routine or are you able to vary it if there is something specific I would like? All our massages are tailor made for each individual client and we are happy to focus on specific areas if that is what you would prefer.

 Our Expertise 


 Reduce stress

 Cleanse the body by removing toxins from the lymphatic system

 Gentle realignment of the body

I am happy to recommend James to anyone looking for a massage. I have had half a dozen massages so far and will be booking more soon. Great for relieving day-to-day stresses and helping to keep my muscles relaxed as I try to increase the amount I exercise. Thank you!
Tricia King

Had wonderful therapy from James today. my muscles were too tight before and stiffness all over my back. feeling so relaxed now. thanks James Rake. highly recommend…
Sukhdev Raj

I recently had a wellness massage with James – since having had our second child , i really wanted to have some time to relax. The massage was brilliant, invigorating as well as relaxing. James took the time to go through any issues I had before we started and then we had a quick chat after about any after care. Brilliant, professional and friendly service right in the heart of Harpenden. Thoroughly recommend 

Emma Victoria Sexton