Traumatic Birth Recovery 3 Step Rewind

When:  Monday, Tuesday, Friday morning or Saturday morning

Duration: Three x 1/1.5 hr sessions (session 2 tends to be the longer one).

Where:  Over zoom or face to face

Cost: £65 for each session

3 Step Rewind

What Is The 3 Step Rewind Technique?

Trauma is a subject close to my heart and practicing and experiencing the 3 step rewind technique has blown my mind in many ways.  It has been the most powerful tool  I have encountered to help me process traumatic experiences, some dating back as far as childhood, yet the process is as simple as a guided meditation.  I am merely your guide, your subconscious does the rest.

3 Step Rewind is a gentle and effective process originated from neuro linguistic programming (NLP) that can help shift the heavy or unhelpful emotions and anxiety that are attached to any negative memories related to your experiences of pregnancy or birth (or ANY experience that has experienced as traumatic).  At its heart the goal is to free you from negative thoughts and feelings so that your fear and anxiety aren’t triggered on a daily basis.  The fantastic thing about this technique is that you don’t even have to talk about your experience if that in itself is painful.

The Science

If you like understanding the science behind things I will attempt to explain, bear with me!

When we experience a rush of fear our amygdala is triggered like a fire alarm.  The amygdala is responsible for triggering the ‘fight or flight response’ taking us into a high state of arousal with blood rushing to our extremities, our heart starts beating faster and there is a huge surge in stress hormones.  All of this is a protective survival state allowing us to run away from danger.  Imagine yourself being chased by a sabre toothed tiger and you’ll see why this is a healthy response.

However, whilst we are in this state the hippocampus (the part of our brain that files things as a memory) is ‘frozen’ so the experience can’t be processed and filed away as a past event.   The emotions of fear and helplessness present during the trauma become inextricably linked with the memory of the trauma.  The amygdala gets encoded with sensory information related to the event so associated stimuli can trip the connection and cause a flood of fear and anxiety to return and be reexperienced.  Every time the experience is relived you might retraumatised encoding the amygdala further.  In my case, the process of going in for cancer checks was retriggering the trauma of my initial diagnosis and actually sometimes my children being unwell was retraumatising me.

The trauma can can leave you feeling constantly anxious, constantly angry or feeling stuck in loop of fear.  You may feel like you are replaying your memory over and over or unable to think about the memory at all.

How Does the 3 Step Rewind Technique Work?

The rewind process allows the memory to be filed so that the amygdala can be told the event is over and that you can be free from these unwanted emotions.  This makes space for new feelings.

I honestly was unsure about the process but i had THE MOST powerful experience and I felt myself processing the experience for about a week afterwards.  I came away feeling lighter and free and although i haven’t forgotten about the traumatic experience it feels far less significant.  I have been sleeping better too.  When I run the process with clients they regularly say they feel lighter and more removed from the feelings associated with their trauma.

The 3 Step Rewind Process Format

The process takes place over 3 sessions.

Session 1

  • Hearing your story should you wish to share it and understanding how it is still affecting you today.
  • Talk through the process and how it works.
  • Begin to understand the changes you would like to experience if you were free from these feelings.  What opportunities could this freedom open up?
  • Practice relaxation

Session 2

  • Use the rewind process gently guide you back through the memory of what happened in a way that breaks that connections (neural pathways) that are triggering the feelings and symptoms.  We do this in a deep state of relaxation so you are not re-triggered by the memory.
    We enable  you to experience your goal state and rehearse your new feelings.

Session 3

  • Check in and see how you are feeling.
  • Rescale the symptoms
  • Rerun the rewind process if necessary.

The process  takes place over 3 sessions. We allow 90 minutes for each session. The sessions work very well over zoom as you can be super relaxed in your own environment or you can come to my studio in Harpenden, Hertfordshire.


  3 Step Rewind Birth Trauma Recovery

Cost: £65 per session

Zing Wellness

You have the choice between having your 1-2-1 session virtually using zoom or socially distanced at the Zing Wellness Studio or our garden.  

Address: 80 Luton Road, Harpenden, AL5 2UT

Telephone: 07747 778575

 My Expertise


 Can eliminate or reduce symptoms associated with a traumatic event in 2-3 sessions

  Does not necessarily need the client to retell their story if that in itself is upsetting

 Enables mothers and birth partners to recover from a difficult birth

I was completely cynical about this process, but as Angela is such a great Pilates teacher, she persuaded me to give it a go. I have struggled for the past five years since the birth of my son with both the trauma of the birth and my experience at work in the 12 months afterwards. I couldn’t move forwards from this and thoughts about it clouded most days. I can honestly say that, following the treatment, I feel as if a weight I was struggling to stand under has been lifted off my shoulders. The memories remain, but I now feel as if I can put them in their place and move on with my life. I no longer define myself (and judge myself) for what happened. I can move on feeling stronger and lighter. Huge thanks to Angela, it’s not an exaggeration to say that this has been life-changing

Elisabeth, Harpenden

Angela is an incredible person. I recently completed a 3 Step Rewind Traumatic Recovery course with her to try and help with some childhood trauma. Angela was incredible, so sensitive, warm and invested in helping me. I wanted to deal with one traumatic day in particular which has always been hard for me to deal with. It’s quite hard to describe the transformation, I feel lighter and almost like my brain is protecting me from the details of that event now – time will tell the bigger impact it has had. I would highly recommend this – especially for those suffering with childbirth trauma. Thank you! 

Carys Worsdale