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With Angela & James Rake

These bespoke courses are specially designed to combine the benefits of Pilates, restorative movement and soft tissue massage therapy to get you results, FAST.  They include the option of release work or massage (your choice), Pilates classes, your own Pilates equipment bundle, a wealth of online information and exercises as well opening you up to a community of trusted wellness experts who can support you to achieve your aspirations and goals.

 Core Care & Pelvic Floor Repair Course –

Group Class

Pregnancy and childbirth can leave you feeling achy and disconnected from your body.  If you want to  repair your pelvic floor, reconnect with you core and get back to exercise gently and safely this is the course for you.   This 6 week postnatal Pilates & wellbeing course is a complete and thorough holistic postnatal recovery course that EVERY mum deserves to attend.  Forget fancy prams, baby clothes and bubble bath, this is the gift for you.  We  combine the benefits of Pilates classes, hands on massage, the expert knowledge of specialist health professionals and access to a wealth of online information between classes to ensure you have a safe, successful,  and healthy postnatal recovery.    Although the Pilates classes are all about you, you may bring your baby until they are on the move.  The classes are 60 minutes long.

 Core Care & Pelvic Floor Repair Course – 

Private 1-2-1

Since we know how much mums have to juggle we have created a version of the Core Care & Pelvic Floor Repair course that can be done through private 1-2-1 classes.   We will cover the same content as the course but the sessions can be more specifically be tailored to suit YOUR needs, we can spend more time on YOUR areas of interest and we can focus on YOUR goals all to YOUR timescales. If you have any specific postnatal problems or if your children are more grown up but you are still experiencing those awkward whoops moments this is often a preferred option. The classes are 75 minutes long.

I loved my 1-1 sessions with Angela during my pregnancy with my second child – they were like a weekly therapy session for me when life was busy juggling working and being a Mum to a toddler. Angela is a wonderful teacher and really took the time to plan each lesson meticulously, tailoring it to my needs. Movement and exercise is really important to me as someone who has run marathons and competed in triathlons in the past and she was fantastic in modifying the exercises for me as my pregnancy progressed whilst still ensuring that I was getting a great workout. We did lots of work on breathing to help prepare me for the birth and calm my busy mind as well as strengthening my glutes to ensure I had a pain free pregnancy and a good recovery after the birth. I’m so pleased I found her and I have learnt so much more about my body than I already knew. Once I had the baby, I joined her post-natal group glasses and had some post-natal massage sessions with her husband James. A year on and I have returned to regular exercise and have remained pain and injury free!

Charlotte McCrossin

Hi I’ve had pregnancy 1-1 Pilates sessions with Angela and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her. I am sure my straightforward & quick birth was in part down to the practice and level of fitness Angela got me to. Angela and James are a great team, they are kind and professional and go the extra mile to make sure their clients needs are met. They are also committed to CPD to ensure all up to date practices are being taught. James’ massage therapy is all you need to treat those antenatal or postnatal aches and pains. Highly recommend Zing Wellness. Book in now!

Harriet Keane

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We also offer a Core Care & Pelvic Floor Into Practice Class...
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