Scar Tissue Massage

I was led down the path of scar tissue massage by my wife, Angela, whose many scars come from multiple surgeries from infancy to adulthood. Angela has experienced multiple reconstructive surgeries, joint replacements and, more recently, an emergency bowel resection.  Read the story of her scars here.

On hearing about a local ScarWork Therapist, she was keen to experience the treatment herself and was impressed with the results. After just a couple of sessions, she felt she could move more freely and connect better with her core (which, as a Pilates teacher, is crucial).

She no longer felt an internal pull from the deep adhesions and felt the area was less numb. She also benefitted from the opportunity to discuss and release the associated emotions, following emergency surgery, in particular.

At the same time, I was becoming aware that gentle myofascial release techniques in my own massage was bringing about many benefits, particularly in pregnant, postnatal or remedial clients. It made complete sense for me to further my knowledge with scar massage and ScarWork training.

I started by attending Burrell Education’s C-section, Hysterectomy and Abdominal Scar Immersion course and followed that a couple of months later with Sharon Wheeler’s ScarWork course run by Harpenden local, Emma Holly. Both of these courses gave me a huge insight into the benefits of having scar therapy in order to improve not only the aesthetics but also the function of the scars.

Burrell Education’s C-section, Hysterectomy and Abdominal Scar Immersion course is aimed specifically at clients who have had caesarean sections, hysterectomies or abdominal surgery.  It provided a deep foundational knowledge of scars; the wound healing process; the conditions behind these scars; and hands-on scar massage techniques.

This style of massage takes a holistic approach. The focus is very much on the impact the scar and associated adhesions have on the core and its function. There may be a lot of work to do on the surrounding areas such as the rib cage, back and abdominal muscles in order to release the adhesions in the area surrounding the scar.

By reducing tension in the ribs, the movement of the breath is significantly improved, enabling the core to function optimally. This, in turn, visibly reduces the swelling of the stomach and reconnects the area around the scar and improves the sensation in this area too.

Sharon Wheeler’s ScarWork is a very gentle therapy which doesn’t use oils, lotions or tools – just the hands of a skilled therapist. It can help to improve your scar very quickly, whether it’s from a joint replacement, caesarean section, hysterectomy, burn or break.

Scars of any age – whether they are very recent or as old as you are – can be improved with this treatment.  ScarWork is done primarily to improve feeling and functionality of the scar and surrounding tissues, creating better movement between the layers of the skin, fascia and muscles. ScarWork can have an immediate impact on your scar by releasing tension on the scar site and throughout the surrounding area. It works by softening and loosening the fascia beneath the skin and allows the scar to heal by promoting better blood flow to the area. Releasing the tension in the local area has many benefits; it helps the scar to close and heal more effectively and reduces the pull of the adhesions.

Both of these courses taught me very different styles of massage but, together, they give me the best toolkit to give clients optimal results by promoting healing and a full recovery.

To learn more, read my blog ‘All You Need To Know About Scar Tissue Massage‘.

Your Scar Tissue Massage Sessions

Sessions are interchangeable with Pilates sessions held at the Zing Wellness Studio so you can mix and match as appropriate.


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What is a scar? 

Scars result when the body repairs skin wounds caused by surgery, accident or disease. They are the natural result of the healing process. The longer it takes a wound to heal and the more damaged the skin, the greater the chance of a noticeable scar. The location on the body or face as well as the client’s age and skin type will affect the way a scar forms. Older skin tends to scar less visibly whereas younger skin tends to over-heal resulting in larger and thicker scars.

Do I need to get my consultants permission before I start my treatment?

Please get your consultants consent  before we start your treatment. Please contact me if there are any concerns.

Can anyone benefit from scar tissue massage? 

Most scars will benefit from having scar tissue massage whether the scars are very recent or more mature. It does not matter how old the scar is as the body continually lays down new cells and by working on the scar it stimulates recovery.

How many sessions will be I need? 

The number of treatments will depend on the individual. I will assess you on your first visit and discuss the treatment plan with you. You will likely see an improvement in your scar each time you visit.

When is the best time to have a scar treated? 

The scar must be fully closed and no scabbing present to begin scar massage. However, it is best to contact me to discuss your specific needs.

What should I wear to the session? 

You should wear something comfortable and light. I will need access to the scar and surrounding area but clothing isn’t necessarily removed for the treatment. If we are working on a C-section or hysterectomy scar I will need to work about 1-2cm below the scar but your modesty will be covered at all times.

 Our Expertise 



 Releases tightness in the scar and surrounding area

 Improves range of movement and flexibility of the scar and surrounding tissue

 Promotes healing of the scar by increasing blood flow to the area

 Reduces visible surface scarring

 Helps you to reconnect with your whole body

 Helps with emotional release

 Revitalises nerve tissue

Places an emphasis on improving underlying tissue including fascia

 Improves sensation of the scar

 Can help reduce swelling after a c-section

I had a course of 3 scar therapy sessions with James after abdominal surgery. We started 6 weeks after when I was still very conscious of the incision site. I feel his work really helped to desensitise the area and help reduce swelling and work on the hard tissue underneath to make it more mobile and allow me to return to sports faster. He was very professional in his approach and I felt very comfortable and found it very relaxing. I would definitely recommend him.

MS, Harpenden