Remedial Massage

If you make massage an integral part of your care when recovering from an injury, preparing for surgery or recovering from surgery you will go into surgery as fit and strong as possible and then post-surgery get back to 100% and even beyond where you were before.  Even more importantly, regular massage will ensure you maintain that strength.

What Is Remedial Massage And How Does It Work?

Remedial massage covers a wide range of treatments and is often used for a variety of different reasons. Remedial massage is primarily used in either the lead up to surgery or post surgery or injury.

In the lead up to surgery remedial massage has many benefits and it will be tailored specifically to each individual client. This is where the pre-treatment consultation is vitally important. During the consultation process eliciting adequate and full responses from the client requires a good knowledge of anatomy and physiology so that when you come to prepare a plan for the client it covers all the bases. The idea of remedial massage is to prepare the body for surgery so that it is in the best possible shape going in which will then lead to the best chance of a full recovery afterwards. Studies have shown that pre-surgery massage can increase the number of lymphocytes or white blood cells produced which helps prevent the possibility of infection or even reduces the chances of having a cold which could prevent surgery happening at all. Having as healthy a body as possible means that when the body is healing itself after the surgery it only has to focus on the areas that have been affected by surgery rather than working on peripheral areas. This in turn means that the healing process should be quicker and more effective.

An example of an elective surgery could be a hip replacement. To prepare for this major surgery regular massage can reduce the stress and anxiety that is likely to occur and it can help to reduce tension in the body too which helps with sleep patterns again so that the body is the best possible shape before going into surgery.

Where remedial massage comes into its own is post surgery or after an accident. If the surgery has been planned then the client will have an idea of how long the healing process should be and where the remedial massage can fit in. A post surgery treatment plan can then be designed around the client’s needs. If we take the example of hip replacement surgery this is major surgery and affects various parts of the body around the upper leg and pelvis. In this instance remedial massage can have a massive effect on the recovery process.

After surgery you will likely have a lovely new scar and remedial massage along with some scar tissue massage can help with the loosening of the scar and the adhesions that usually come after major surgery. Remedial and scar tissue massage can help break down the adhesion and improve the visual aspects of the scar.

The range of motion after surgery is often quite limited and with the aid of remedial massage this can be improved. This can often take a few weeks to months to improve and a full range of motion is not always possible but with dedication from the client, a diet that aids healing, regular treatment including exercise (we recommend Pilates) and massage there is a good chance that you will get a reasonable range of motion return to the joint.

Remedial massage also works when you have suffered an accident including breaking bones or tearing ligaments. Bones and ligaments usually have muscles attached to them at some point and a change in this relationship will usually mean that the muscles become tighter. As a bone heals after a break for example the muscles will need to readjust in the short term and this often leads to tightening. Using remedial massage will aid the loosening of the muscles around the bones and reduce the tension that may have built up leading to the bone healing correctly.

Your Massage Sessions

Sessions are interchangeable with Pilates sessions held at the Zing Wellness Studio so you can mix and match as appropriate.

NOTE:  Due to the Corona virus all massage services are currently suspended.


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How many treatments will I need? 
The number of treatments will depend on your particular circumstances and how well you respond to massage. At regular intervals, we will reassess your progress and if we feel it is necessary we will alter your treatment or recommend you to one of our trusted network specialists.

Can remedial massage be harmful? Remedial massage is non-invasive and low risk. However, there are certain issues that cannot be treated.

  • Open wounds would not be treated, although there are many benefits of treating the surrounding areas including lymphatic drainage which will help speed up the healing process
  • Deep vein thrombosis
  • Varicose veins, although again the surrounding areas can be treated
  • Infectious skin diseases 

 Our Expertise

I am a deep tissue and sports massage therapist with a level 4 diploma from Premier Global and I have a specialist interest in deep tissue and remedial massage. I am also a Scar Tissue Massage specialist having completed Restore Therapy’s ScarWork certification. I have had lots of success treating clients with a range of issues including frozen shoulder, joint replacements, broken bones, plantar fasciitis and many issues relating to bulging or slipped discs in the spine. 


 Improve blood circulation

 Remove toxins from the body

 Promote healing

 Release postural tension

 Improve posture and alignment

 Release feel good hormones and regulate stress hormones

 Reduce stress and promote relaxation

 Improve sleep

 Cleanse the body by removing toxins from the lymphatic system

 Gentle realignment of the body rebalancing your posture

I can’t recommend James highly enough. Not only did he see me at incredibly short notice, he even opened on Sunday morning. I had put my shoulder into spasm and after a full back massage I left feeling relieved, relaxed and was no longer in pain. James gave me some great advice and I’ve booked a follow up appointment with him due to the ongoing issues of tightness in my shoulders.
Zoe McGonnell

I have been seeing James for my recovering frozen shoulder and he has been brilliant. My shoulder continues to improve each time I see him. I would definitely recommend James for deep soft tissue massage.

Jo Gilshan