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Get Help With Prolapse Symptoms, Urge & Urinary Incontinence No Matter How Old Your Children Are

Our Postnatal Pilates & Wellbeing Course Is Supported With Online Content That Takes You Through Each Of The Key Elements Vital To Healing & Recovery

Postnatal Wellbeing

‘It takes a village to raise a child’ (African proverb)

While the saying refers to what is beneficial for children’s well-rounded upbringing – being able to interact with lots of caring members of a community – for me, it’s all about the mums.

It has always seemed to me that there isn’t nearly enough focus, attention or education to help mums recover from pregnancy and birth safely before being thrown into motherhood without sufficient help and support.

At Zing Wellness, it has always been our goal to offer support during the postnatal days and beyond, into motherhood.

I strongly believe that no mum should be suffering in silence with issues such as pelvic organ prolapse, a dysfunctional pelvic floor or diastasis recti. These might be common postnatal conditions but they are not simply to be accepted, endured or ignored. It will encourage you to know that all the symptoms associated with these conditions (such as urinary or urge incontinence, a ‘mummy tummy’ or back or pelvic pain) can be rehabilitated. Mums just need the right support.

We are passionate about postnatal wellbeing and believe in doing everything we can to help mums create their own village of support – a network of friends and experts – to support them through this amazing (but incredibly challenging!) time.

Even beyond the postnatal period, mums need care and their postnatal wellbeing remains important. Modern mums are phenomenal multitaskers. They run households, care for children and, more often than not, have their own careers, businesses or active roles in the community too. When life gets busy, it’s a mum’s self-care that gets sacrificed.

In recognition of this, we have created a safe space for mums to come and move their bodies, realign themselves both physically and mentally and be amongst other mums in a caring and nurturing environment.

We want to welcome you to be a part of our Zing village.

 Postnatal Massage

Growing a baby, delivering a baby and caring for babies and children is challenging for the female body, both physically and mentally.  You might be feeling like your body is a bit broken after the ordeal of pregnancy and childbirth. 

Let us help you to kick-start your postnatal recovery and healing process by relieving your postnatal tension with relaxing, deep and effective postnatal massage.


Pelvic Floor Rehab Harpenden

 Zing Postnatal Pilates & Wellbeing Course – Group Pilates Class 

Pregnancy and childbirth can leave you feeling achy and disconnected from your body. You may want to repair your pelvic floor, reconnect with your core, or heal your diastasis recti. Perhaps you’d like to rehabilitate a prolapse and get back to exercising, gently and safely. If any of this appeals to you, then this is the course for you.   

This six-week postnatal Pilates & Wellbeing Course is full of exercises to provide you with a safe, supported and healthy postnatal recovery. It includes access to an online version of  the course with postnatal-safe exercises, healing postnatal recipes and interviews with some fantastic experts in postnatal recovery. 

Although the class is all about you, you may bring your baby – until they are on the move!

 Postnatal Pilates Into Practice – Group Pilates Class

 This is a half-termly course of friendly and relaxed Pilates for Mums classes you can attend, in order to practise everything you have learned on your Postnatal Pilates & Wellbeing Course (either group or 1-2-1). 

You’ll will meet other mums and get personalised advice on safely restoring your pelvic floor and core.  Although the class is all about you, you may bring your baby – until they are on the move!  

 Mums That Move – Group Pilates Class

This is a half-termly course of nurturing, strengthening and, most importantly, restorative Pilates classes that are designed as a follow on from the Core Care & Pelvic Floor Repair Postnatal Pilates & Wellbeing classes.

Now we add more challenge and functional movement. The classes are full of phenomenal women who acknowledge that, without their weekly Pilates fix, their week is incomplete. 

No matter how old your children are, if you are a mum who wants an hour a week to focus on your physical and mental wellbeing, then this is your class. 

If have any pain or discomfort, want to focus on your pelvic floor recovery, core strength and function, rehabilitate your diastasis recti and be sure that you are exercising safely, this is the optimal class for you.

 Zing Postnatal Pilates & Wellbeing Course – Private 1-2-1 Pilates Class 

Since we know how much mums have to juggle in everyday life, we have created a version of the Core Care & Pelvic Floor Repair course that can be enjoyed in private 1-2-1 classes.   

We cover the same content as the group and online courses but the sessions can be more specifically-tailored to suit your specific needs; we can also spend more time on your areas of interest and focus on your goals, all at your own pace.  

The package includes a rejuvenating postnatal massage, access to an online version of  the course with postnatal-safe exercises, healing postnatal recipes and interviews with some fantastic experts in postnatal recovery

These classes are suitable for you if you have any specific postnatal problems like diastasis recti, a prolapse or are suffering with urinary incontinence. Even if your children are older and you are still experiencing heaviness in your pelvic floor, urinary incontinence, urge incontinence, diastasis recti or lower back pain, this is a fantastic class for you.

You may simply be feeling that your core could be functioning more effectively. 

It is never ever too late to strengthen and repair.


 Mums That Move – 1-2-1 Pilates Class

This is a 1-2-1 version of the Mums that Move Pilates class. If you are a busy mum who can’t make my group classes, this might be your preferred option.

Many clients feel that they get quicker results by working in this personalised way. They enjoy working at their own pace in sessions that are completely tailored to their own needs and focused on their goals.

Closing the bones Harpenden

 Closing The Bones

Closing the bones is a postnatal ritual, a ceremony using gentle massage and rebozos to rebalance and restore you as a new mother and promote postnatal healing.

The ceremony also offers an opportunity to celebrate the amazing abilities of your body; and a way to create a moment of stillness, of meditative peace and reflection in the rollercoaster of emotions of new motherhood.

Traumatic Birth Recovery 3 Step Rewind

 Traumatic Birth Recovery – 3 Step Rewind

Did you have a difficult or traumatic  birth?  Do the the feelings associated with your birth feel ever present?

3 Step Rewind is a gentle and effective process that can help shift the heavy or unhelpful emotions and anxiety that are attached to any negative memories related to your experiences of pregnancy or birth. 

At its heart the goal is to free you from negative thoughts and feelings so that your fear and anxiety aren’t triggered on a daily basis.

The process itself feels like a guided meditation.  I guide you to a deeply relaxed place and your subconscious  does all the work.  The most fantastic thing about this technique is that you don’t even have to talk about your experience if that in itself is painful.

 Zing Postnatal Pilates & Wellbeing Course – Online

Pregnancy and childbirth can leave you feeling achy and disconnected from your body.  If you want to  repair your pelvic floor, reconnect with you core and get back to exercise gently and safely this is the course for you.   This is an online version of our postnatal Pilates & Wellbeing course.  You can choose to do it over six weeks or simply take your time and use it as an opportunity to gently reconnect with your postnatal body and have some time to yourself.  Whatever approach you take the course is a complete and thorough holistic postnatal recovery course that every mum deserves.  We  combine the benefits of Pilates classes either as a whole class or broken down into a few key individual exercises to suit your schedule, interviews with specialist postnatal experts, food ideas to help promote postnatal healing and access to a wealth of online information shared by me to support you to have a safe, successful and healthy postnatal recovery.   We want you to finish the course feeling strong, functional, happy and respectful of the fact that postnatal healing and motherhood is a journey and not a destination. 

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Angela is an amazing Pilates instructor, so knowledgeable about the stresses and strains on the postpartum body. The postnatal Pilates class was really good, an opportunity to concentrate on recovering from childbirth and some self-care time (babies are welcome and having a nanny on hand is a great touch to enable mums to focus). I’m now doing the Mums that Move evening class and it’s one of the highlights of my week, it’s so relaxing and restorative, I notice a real difference when I haven’t been for couple of weeks!

Nicola Rix

I’m attending postnatal Pilates classes with Angela and it’s amazing! It’s really focusing on the right muscles and little issues we can have after the birth and I felt the result immediately after the first class. I’ve practised Pilates for few years before my pregnancy but that’s so far the best classes I’ve attended.


The postnatal classes were a brilliant way to get back into Pilates and exercise in general and think about how your body has changed, and what to do about it. So helpful (and surprisingly relaxing) to have the babies there too! Thank you.

Rosie Lobb

Angela’s post-natal pilates are truly brilliant – cannot recommend more highly! She strikes a perfect balance of empowering you to challenge yourself, with a really relaxed and baby-friendly environment. Really glad I signed up and would encourage anyone to give it a go…

Niamh Merrigan

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We also have a 1-2-1 Postnatal Pilates & Wellbeing Course option suitable for anyone wanting to rehabilitate their pelvic floor and core, regardless of how old your children are...
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