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Growing a baby, delivering a baby and caring for babies and children is challenging for the female body, both physically and mentally.  There isn’t anywhere near enough focus, attention or education to help mums recover safely. No mums should be suffering in silence with issues such as prolapse, a weak pelvic floor or diastasis recti. These might be common postnatal conditions but they are NOT normal and are NOT to be accepted or ignored. The symptoms associated with them such as urinary or urge incontinence, a mummy tummy or back or pelvic pain CAN be rehabilitated. Even beyond the postnatal period mums need looking after. Modern mums are phenomenal multitaskers. They run households, care for children and more often than not have their own careers or active roles in the community too. When life gets busy, it’s mum’s self-care that gets sacrificed.  We have created a safe space for mums to come and move their bodies, realign themselves both physically and mentally and be amongst other mums in a caring and nurturing environment.

 Postnatal Massage

Growing a baby, delivering a baby and caring for babies and children is challenging for the female body both physically and mentally.  You might be feeling like your body is a bit broken after the ordeal of pregnancy and childbirth.  Let us help you kickstart your postnatal recovery and healing process by relieving that postnatal tension with relaxing, deep and effective postnatal massage.


 Core Care & Pelvic Floor Repair – Group Pilates Class

Pregnancy and childbirth can leave you feeling achy and disconnected from your body.  If you want to  repair your pelvic floor, reconnect with you core and get back to exercise gently and safely this is the course for you.   This half term course of Pilates classes with visiting expert guest speakers each week is one part of our Core Care & Pelvic Floor Repair Course which we are offering to you as a stand alone service with a FREE 30 minute deep health screening.   Although the class is all about you, you may bring your baby until they are on the move.  The classes are 90 minutes long.


 Core Care & Pelvic Floor Repair Into Practice – Group Pilates Class

This is a half term course of friendly and relaxed Pilates for mums classes you can attend to practice everything you have learned on your Core Care & Pelvic Floor Repair course (either group or 1-2-1).  You will meet other mums and get personalised advice on safely restoring your pelvic floor and core.  Although the class is all about you, you may bring your baby until they are on the move.  The classes are 60 minutes long.

 Mums That Move – Group Pilates Class

This is a half term course of challenging but also restorative Pilates classes that are designed as a follow on from the Pelvic Floor and Core classes where we add more challenge and functional movement. If you are a mum, no matter how old your children are and want to focus on your pelvic floor and core strength and function, this is the class for you. The classes are 60 minutes long.

 Mums That Move – 1-2-1 Pilates Class

This is a 1-2-1 version of the Mums that Move class. If you are a busy mum and can’t make my group classes this might be your preferred option. Many clients feel they get quicker results working in this more focused way and like to work to their own timescales and have sessions completely tailored to their own needs and focused on their goals. The classes are 60 minutes long.

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James provides an excellent deep tissue massage. He does a full and thorough assessment before he treats you and can get to those deep tender and tight spots without it hurting. His pre and postnatal training with Jenny Burrell means he is fully trained in pregnancy and postnatal massage. Jenny’s training is the best in the pre and postnatal field. As a Pilates teacher I refer many of my clients to him and the improvement my clients experience not only in how they feel, their posture and how they move is significant. Most of his clients have now become regulars which speaks for itself. It’s a pity he is too busy to fit me (his wife) into his busy schedule!!

Angela Rake

I’m attending postnatal Pilates classes with Angela and it’s amazing! It’s really focusing on the right muscles and little issues we can have after the birth and I felt the result immediately after the first class. I’ve practised Pilates for few years before my pregnancy but that’s so far the best classes I’ve attended.


The postnatal classes were a brilliant way to get back into Pilates and exercise in general and think about how your body has changed, and what to do about it. So helpful (and surprisingly relaxing) to have the babies there too! Thank you.

Rosie Lobb

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We also have a 1-2-1 Core Care & Pelvic Floor Repair Course option suitable for anyone wanting to rehabilitate their pelvic floor and core, regardless of how old your children are...
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