Postnatal Massage

Pregnancy and labour take their toll on the female body and there isn’t time to recover as you are thrown into motherhood. Caring for a baby is exhausting and time consuming so it is easy to find that taking care of yourself slips down your list of priorities. 

You might have some abdominal separation also known as diastasis recti which is when your abdominal muscles that run either side of your belly button are separated during pregnancy as the bump grows. Your back might be screaming for some attention from all the feeding, changing and carrying. You will probably want a little ‘me’ time too as everyone wants a little piece of you.

This is when a postnatal massage can be not only a fantastic way to relax and reenergise yourself but also it can be very helpful in the healing process. Don’t forget that giving birth is a major deal.

So what does a postnatal massage involve, when you can you have one and how does it help to heal you?

With a few exceptions, you can have a postnatal massage pretty much straight after you have given birth assuming there are no complications. If your birth has been fairly straightforward then you can book yourself a massage from the first week after birth. If you are at all unsure then please contact me to discuss when to have it.

If you have had a complicated birth or had a c-section then please wait until your six or eight week check depending on when your GP surgery checks on you. If you don’t want to wait until then I would recommend that you go and see a women’s health physiotherapist who will be able to give you more information on how you are doing.

At Zing Wellness we have an option that includes postnatal Pilates and massage together and this is the best way to get the healing process started. You will get a health assessment, a postnatal massage, 3 x 75 minute Pilates sessions covering 6 themes, an equipment bundle to practice the exercises at home, access to our online members area and a meditation download designed by Angela with you in mind. You can also get the Pilates as a group class if you just want that.

If you just want a postnatal massage on its own this is also another great option to help you start the healing process. I will talk to you about how your birth went and do a physical assessment to check your posture and see where the aches and pains are too.

Many of the complaints new mums have are lower back ache, tightness across the ribs, sometimes the shoulders are aching and even tension headaches and tight jaw muscles are fairly common. Of course, another big complaint is tiredness. Getting up several times a night to feed your baby, whether it is breastfeeding or by the bottle, your sleep is disrupted and this takes its toll on you and your body.

A postnatal massage can help with all of these concerns. By reducing or removing the tension in the shoulders, back and ribcage we can help return your posture to something like it should be but more importantly you will feel like you will be able to operate without the constant pain that is holding you back. You should get a better if not perfect night’s sleep which will in turn give you a little more energy and this then helps the healing process.

Don’t forget there is help out there for new mums and be nice to yourself, you have done an amazing thing.

It is important to remember that diet and water intake are important too so that your body gets the best chance of healing.

Forget gifts for the baby, instead ask friends and relatives to treat you to a postnatal massage.  Let’s face it, if mum isn’t functioning the whole ship goes down. 

So make sure a massage is your first step in your postnatal recovery. Releasing tension and encouraging relaxation promotes the healing process. Until you reduce tension in the body you can’t move freely and get back to full strength, so it really is an area of recovery not to be ignored. Be kind to yourself, all mums deserve a massage.


Your Massage Sessions

Sessions are interchangeable with Pilates sessions held at the Zing Wellness Studio, Harpenden so you can mix and match as appropriate.

NOTE:  Due to the Corona virus all massage services are currently suspended.


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Buy a gift voucher for either a single massage or 1-2-1 Pilates classes or a block of 2, 3, 5 or 10 .

Cost: £60-500


Book 1 x 60 minute massage or 1-2-1 Pilates class at Zing Wellness Studio.


Cost: £60


Book 2 x 60 minute massages or 1-2-1 Pilates classes at Zing Wellness Studio and save £5. Valid for a year.

Cost: £115

Book 3 x 60 minute massages or 1-2-1 Pilates classes at Zing Wellness Studio and save £10. Valid for a year.

Cost: £170

Book 5 x 60 minute massages or 1-2-1 Pilates classes at Zing Wellness Studio and save £25. Valid for a year.

Cost: £275

Book 10 x 60 minute massages or 1-2-1 Pilates classes at Zing Wellness Studio and save £100. Valid for a year.

Cost: £500


When can I have a postnatal massage? 
I am happy to see you from week 1 if you have had a fairly straightforward birth.  If you are unsure, you can wait until your 6/8 week check or contact me to discuss your personal circumstances.

I have had a caesarean birth, are you able to see me? Yes, a caesarean does not normally complicate a massage. With your consent, I would happily work on your c-section scar if you are having issues with it or recommend a local specialist scar therapist.

What is the position of lying during a postnatal massage? Postpartum massage can be carried out in any position, although we would discuss beforehand any issues you might have including sore breasts or back or SI joint and we would then readjust your position to make the massage as comfortable as possible. We can also use our wonderful pregnancy pillow which is incredibly comfortable if you find it difficult to lie on your front.

 Our Expertise 

I am a deep tissue and sports massage therapist with a level 4 diploma from Premier Global and I have specialist pre and postnatal massage training with Burrell Education, leading Women’s Wellness, Fitness & Therapy Educator.   I was inspired to specialise in pre and postnatal massage when I saw through my work with my clients how much massage could release postnatal tension.  It is my experience that massage, together with Pilates and restorative movement, has enabled my clients to reach their goals be it becoming pain free, feeling stronger, being able to jump on the trampoline with their children or getting back to running.

I have experience and many successes supporting postnatal mums with a range of postnatal conditions such as diastasis recti, pelvic girdle pain (PGP) including pubic pain which was previously called symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD), sciatica, sacro-iliac pain, generalised back tension, neck pain, tension headaches, c-section scar issues, abdominal tightness, generalised musculoskeletal tension, stress and anxiety.


 Facilitate structural realignment of the spine and pelvis and improve posture

 Massage releases feel good hormones, regulates stress hormones so can help with stress, anxiety, low mood and postnatal depression

 Release areas of tension preventing back pain, neck pain or generalised musculoskeletal pain

 Release tension in the ribcage and abdominals to help heal diastasis recti

 By reducing tension, massage can enable more positive breastfeeding experience

 Reduce the likelihood of postnatal depression

 Accelerate the recovery of a c-section scar by encouraging blood flow to the area to promote healing

 Massage improves blood circulation, helps remove toxins from the body and promotes healing

Just finished my deep tissue (post pregnancy) massage with James Rake and wanted to say how amazing it was. He was really warm and welcoming and explained a bit about my posture and told me what he found after the massage with regards to problem areas and what to do, which was really helpful. Feeling good and will be back. Thanks so much.
Victoria Treacy

I went to see James 4 months after having my second son. My body felt so tired and stiff after giving birth. James was amazing and so professional. He listened to me and concentrated on the areas which needed more attention. I came away feeling much more relaxed and invigorated. If you͛re looking for a massage to release the tension then look no further than James. I can͛t recommend him enough! His studio in Harpenden is so relaxing and the lovely smell of oils and diffusers is so calming.

Alex Taylor