What To Expect From This Core Care & Pelvic Floor Repair Postnatal Pilates & Wellbeing Course…

This is an online postnatal Pilates & wellbeing course structured over 6 weeks and designed to give you all the essential information you need for a nourishing, safe,  supported and healthy postnatal recovery.  You can choose to do it over the 6 weeks or take your time using it as an opportunity to gently reconnect with your postnatal body and  take some time to yourself.  We want you to finish the course feeling strong, functional and happy and respectful of the fact that postnatal healing and motherhood is a journey and not a destination.  All the exercises are diastasis recti safe, pelvic organ prolapse safe and will help you to get a more functional pelvic floor and core and eliminate awful symptoms such as urinary incontinence or urge incontinence.   I am truly passionate about supporting women in the postnatal period and beyond and have designed these classes based on the care I totally wish I had access to after my three babies and based on what has brought my clients the most successful results.

The Postnatal Pilates & Wellbeing Course Includes:

  • 6 nourishing 60 minute Pilates classes each with a unique theme and 6-10  individual exercises each week so you can choose to do your exercises in bite size chunks or have a whole hour to  yourself to focus on your wellbeing
  • Weekly videos giving you a deeper insight into the theme of the week
  • A joining gift of a pack of 30 positive affirmation cards
  • Access to a supportive closed Facebook group
  •  Access to our favourite nutritious, healing and easy recipes to  support your postnatal healing
  • A meditation for mums download written by me with you in mind.
  • Interviews with some of our favourite postnatal experts.  They are extremely knowledgeable and a fantastic source of information and support. The interviews include an Osteopath, a Massage & Scar Therapist, a Women’s Health Physiotherapist, a Nutritionist, a Breastfeeding Counsellor, Postnatal Doula and Holistic Sleep Coach and an Acupuncturist.   
  • An 30 minute online deep health assessment with me  before you start the course where we go through your health questionnaire, discuss your goals and assess your core function and posture.
  • An equipment bundle  that will include a spiky massage ball, a fascial release ball, a Pilates overball, two therabands and an under-door anchor

The Themes We Cover Are As Follows:

In the Pilates classes we focus on gentle releases to alleviate post-pregnancy and postnatal tension in the body, finding our optimal posture now we are no longer pregnant, restoring core function including rehabilitating diastasis recti and reconnecting with your pelvic floor and functional exercises to strengthen your body in preparation for life as a mum.

The weekly themes are as follows:

  • Week 1 – Posture, the pelvic floor and back care in the postnatal period
  • Week 2 – Stretch and release
  • Week 3 – Breath, the pelvic floor and restoring your core
  • Week 4 – Self-care, relaxation, stress and nutrition in the postnatal period
  • Week 5 – Those pesky glutes and why they are important
  • Week 6 – Motherhood movement patterns – a gentle introduction of more functional exercise like pushing, pulling, lifting, lunging and squatting

 Your Pilates Course

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Cost: £120


  • When can I start the Pilates classes? You can start classes from 6-8 weeks postnatal after your 6/8 week check depending on whether you had any complications and how you are feeling.

 Our Expertise 

Angela – I  am a specialist Pilates teacher with deep knowledge and experience of working with the pregnant and postnatal population. I did my initial training with Rachel Rafiefar and completed her Thoughtful Body Pregnancy and Postnatal Postgraduate Assessment in June 2015.  Realising that this was an area I was truly passionate about and wanted to specialise and immerse myself in, I went on complete Heather King Smith’s Restoring the Core (Pelvic Floor Dysfunctions and Diastasis Rectus) course with Mbodies in March 2017. In July 2017, I completed an intensive period of training on Carolyne Anthony’s Center for Women’s Fitness courses. I attended her Support your Floor, Diastasis Recti Recovery, Pilates for Menopause and Pre and Postnatal training.  Still thirsty for more knowledge in November 2017 I completed my Advanced CPD in Modern Post Natal Assessment, Core Restore & Functional Exercise Programming with Burrell Education, leading Women’s Wellness, Fitness & Therapy Educator.   I also apply a lot of what I learned in Jessica Coveley’s Practical Fascial Release Methods for Movement Professionals course in my practice which I attended in April 2017.  Most importantly I have had three children of my own and after experiencing little to no support after the birth of my first child when I was suffering urinary incontinence and unbeknown to me also a prolapse and feeling hugely let down by the system I started on my own journey of rehabilitating my own body and self-discovery.  It has filled me with passion to support and empower all women to do the same.  I have spent the last few years working with mums to rehabilitate and reconnect with their bodies in the postnatal period. This course is the culmination of everything I have learned and experienced to give clients results, as ultimately that is what is important!


 Have some time to focus on you

Exercise safely from the comfort of your own home

 Take a holistic approach to your postnatal recovery

 Learn how to safely undertake everyday activities

 Regain stability and strength

 Release postural tensions & learn techniques to improve your posture and alignment

 Move your body

 Increase your energy levels

 Tackle those aches and pains

 Learn more about your postnatal body

 Connect with your pelvic floor and deep abdominals. Learn how to both release and strengthen them

 Eliminate urinary incontinence and those ‘whoops’ movements when you cough, sneeze, run or jump

 Reduce your mummy tummy

 Learn how to integrate Pilates into your everyday movement patterns

 Return to higher impact exercise safely

 Widen your pre and postnatal support network by meeting a range of trusted experts

 Heal your diastasic recti

Angela’s online content is amazing. It’s so simple to follow and I particularly love the shorter videos – great for doing a quick practice while the baby is napping, without needing to try to find a full hour.
I also loved being able to continue doing my Pilates routine while on holiday recently.
All in all, a real bonus!  

Katy Taqvi

I attended the 6 week Core Care & Pelvic Floor Repair Postnatal Pilates & Wellbeing Course with Angela. I had previously attended 1-2-1 sessions so was keen to get back to Pilates post pregnancy.

Joining the class was a fantastic way to refresh my memory with the core care I had previously learnt but most importantly to learn new techniques and knowledge to support my postnatal recovery.

As a result of joining the class Angela of course goes above and beyond and gives you the opportunity to join the members area on the zing wellness website. In which you can access all the course content. For me a new mum not always able to get to classes as easily as I would like with my little one – this content has proved invaluable.

The post natal videos that Angela has recorded are easy to follow, full of clear and relevant explanations and of course backed up by her extensive knowledge of the body. I now feel completely supported from the comfort of my own home!

It’s clear that Angela has spent quality time recording the course material, I am able to follow the videos clearly whilst spending the right amount of time on each move & technique  – along with following the breath work with is of course super important. And the beauty is that you can choose which ever weeks content you want to practice. Alongside this if you have any questions you can leave Angela a comment!

I have been able to stream the videos to the TV via my iPhone and this gives me the option of spending the time when little one is asleep or If I have a free moment to stop and start as I please.

The members area and videos certainly give you the flexibility of using all the course material whenever you want. Which is extensive.

I would absolutely recommend following the home tutorials. Angela’s wealth of knowledge, energy, enthusiasm and passion make it worthwhile!

Amy Saperia