Postnatal Pilates Into Practice

Harpenden Group Postnatal Pilates Classes

When:   Wednesdays 9.30am & 10.45am

Duration: 60 minutes

Dates: Wednesdays : 17, 24, 31 Jul & 7, 21, 28 Aug 2024 (no class Aug 14) & 11,18, 25 Sep & 2, 9, 16 Oct 2024

Where:  12 Southdown Rd, Harpenden (Quaker Meeting House)

Postnatal PilatesInto Practice Class

 What To Expect From Your Pilates Classes…………

Welcome to this half-termly course of friendly and relaxed Pilates for Mums!

These fun and restorative classes allow you to practise and embed everything you have learned on your Postnatal Pilates & Wellbeing Course (either in a group or 1-2-1).

Mums enjoy the huge benefits of being more connected with their postnatal body and look forward to their weekly Pilates practice as a time that’s time reserved especially for them. It’s like a weekly sanctuary and an opportunity to share how life is really going as a mum!

The ‘Into Practice’ bit in the title means you have the opportunity to practice everything you have learned to safely restore your pelvic floor and core. We’ll also work on alleviating those postnatal niggles from all that feeding, baby wearing and 24/7 mum responsibilities.

Our work on your core will help with all those common motherhood movements like squatting, lunging, rotating, pushing, pulling and locomoting! Each week depending on energy levels I’ll add a bit more a challenge!

You’ll get access to a closed Facebook group and a Whats App group for your class where you can keep in contact with other mums and continue to build your community of support.

I am always here to offer personalised support, both during class and outside hours.  If I can’t help I will point you in the direction of someone who can.


 Your Pilates Course

Sign up to this 6 week course. 

Cost: £105

 Join The Waiting List


Our classes are open to 10 people per course to ensure that you get lots of individual attention. If you aren’t able to secure your space for this forthcoming half-term, please join our waiting list to be notified of future availability.

 Equipment Bundle

In order to be able to practise your exercises at home, you can purchase an equipment bundle in our Zing Wellness Shop .

Cost: £40


  • Can I join this Pilates class? It’s suitable for existing clients and those who have completed the Core Care & Pelvic Floor Repair Course (either group or 1-2-1). It follows on beautifully! If you attended my Pilates for Mum (with babies) class whilst I was on maternity leave with Grace Lillywhite, you’re also welcome.
  • How many spaces are there in the Pilates class? There are 8 places in the class to ensure you get lots of individual attention
  • How long is the Pilates course and when does it run ? The course is half-termly so usually runs in five to seven week blocks and runs in term-time only.
  • What do I wear to the Pilates class? Have some water handy and be sure to wear comfortable clothing, including socks


Our Expertise


 Have some time to focus on you

 Destress and have an opportunity to talk

 Learn how to safely undertake everyday activities

 Regain stability and strength

 Release postural tensions & learn techniques to improve your posture and alignment

 Move your body

 Increase your energy levels

 Tackle those aches and pains

 Heal your diastasic recti

 Learn more about your postnatal body

 Connect with your pelvic floor and deep abdominals. Learn how to both release and strengthen them

 Eliminate urinary incontinence and those ‘whoops’ movements when you cough, sneeze, run or jump

 Reduce your mummy tummy

 Learn how to integrate Pilates into your everyday movement patterns

 Return to higher impact exercise safely

 Get signposted to a community of trusted experts

 Meet other mums

I am attending Angela’s pilates class and can’t praise it highly enough. Angela takes you steadily through the exercises, changing a little each week to ensure we keep moving forward and don’t get too comfortable! I am most impressed with how much time she invests in making sure every member of the class are in the correct posture for each exercise so the right muscles are being engaged. I recommend many of my clients to try it, especially the postnatal class where you can take baby along too.

Emma Holly

Angela is a great teacher, calm, friendly and incredibly knowledgeable. I’m convinced my post natal recovery would not be on the right track if friends hadn’t suggested to try her classes – and being able to bring baby along in the early months was a massive bonus! Initially I thought I’d try a class or two and that’d be it, I’m now booked in for my third term and planning plenty more.
Susan Lewellen

I am attending Angela’s pilates for mums class and really benefitting from her knowledgable and tailored teaching. She ensures everyone in the class is working effectively and changes exercises to suit how the class is feeling this week. I have picked up lots of helpful tips for improving posture and movement outside of the classes.

Alison Gee