Zing Postnatal Pilates  & Wellbeing Course

Harpenden and Online Group Postnatal Pilates Classes

 Face-to-Face Pilates Classes 

 When: Wednesdays at 9.30am

Duration: 60 minutes

Dates:  Wednesdays : 17, 24, 31 Jul & 7, 21, 28 Aug 2024 (no class Aug 14)

or 11, 18, 25 Sep & 2, 9, 16 Oct 2024

or 6, 13, 20, 27 Nov & 4, 11 Dec 2024

Where: 12 Southdown Road, Harpenden (Quaker Meeting House) 

Zing Postnatal Pilates  & Wellbeing Course Group Class

 What To Expect From This Core Care & Pelvic Floor Repair Postnatal Pilates & Wellbeing Course…

Congratulations! Your body has just been through a miraculous process and now you have a beautiful baby! We want to celebrate with you and give you the tools, time and space to heal. You deserve our gentle and respectful approach and to take the time you need to mend and replenish yourself.

This is a six-week postnatal Pilates and wellbeing course, jam-packed with all the essential information you need for a safe, supported and rejuvenating postnatal recovery.

Let us support you at this precious time as you are starting your lifelong journey as a mother.

We want you to finish the course feeling nourished, strong and wholly connected with your postnatal body. Listen to your body and throw away the ‘superwoman’ cape, if needs be! Now’s the time to do what is right for you and your family.

I am truly passionate about supporting mums at this challenging postnatal time and have designed this course with the care I wish I’d had, particularly in those early days, firmly in mind.  We’re here for you. Come and join us – and start building your own village of support.

The Postnatal Pilates & Wellbeing Course Includes:

  • Six friendly and relaxed 60 minute Pilates classes, each with its own postnatal recovery topic on which to focus on (see below).
  • An equipment bundle (worth £32).  This bundle includes extra items to those provided in the Move & Bloom course.  If you did the Move & Bloom class I switch the red fascial release ball for a black fascial release ball (a bit more pressure) and swap the band & spiky ball with a block.
  • A preliminary 30-minute in-depth health assessment, either over zoom with me or in the Zing Wellness Studio (socially-distanced, of course!) so I know everything I need to know before you start your classess . We’ll go through a health questionnaire, discuss your goals, check your abdominals and assess your core function and posture.
  • A Zing Wellness joining gift of a pack of 30 positive affirmation cards for mums
  • Access to a supportive closed Facebook group and your class’s WhatsApp group, for continuous support between classes.
  • Access to online course material which includes:
    • Six pre-recorded Pilates classes each with its own postnatal recovery topic
    • Extra exercises in each of the 6 weeks so you can choose to do your exercises in bite size chunks or have a whole hour to  yourself to focus on your wellbeing
    • Our favourite nutritious, healing and easy recipes to promote postnatal healing
    • Further information on each of the postnatal recovery topics
    • A hypnosis for mums download, written by me with you in mind
    • Informative interviews with some of our favourite postnatal experts who will share their knowledge and experience. You’ll learn from an Osteopath, a Massage & Scar Therapist, a
      Women’s Health Physiotherapist such as Hertfordshire Women’s Health and Becky Aston Physiotherapy, a Nutritionist, a Breastfeeding Counsellor, a Postnatal Doula and Holistic Sleep Coach and an Acupuncturist
  • Best of all, you’ll get to meet other local mums and their babies.

The Postnatal Recovery Topics We Cover:

In all our Pilates classes we focus on gentle releases to alleviate post-pregnancy and postnatal tension in the body. We’ll work to find your optimal posture now you are no longer pregnant. We’ll restore core function, including the rehabilitation of diastasis recti and reconnection with your pelvic floor and we include functional exercises to strengthen your body in preparation for life as a mum.

The class topics are as follows:

  • Week 1 – Posture, the pelvic floor and back care in the postnatal period
  • Week 2 – Stretch and release
  • Week 3 – Breath, the pelvic floor and restoring your core
  • Week 4 – Self-care, relaxation, stress and nutrition in the postnatal period
  • Week 5 – Those pesky glutes and why they are important
  • Week 6 – Motherhood movement patterns – a gentle introduction of more functional
    exercise like pushing, pulling, lifting, lunging and squatting.

    This course is followed by a Core Care & Pelvic Floor Repair Into Practice group class or Mums That Move (without babies) group class you can attend to practise, reinforce and embed everything you have learned.


     Your Pilates Course

    Sign up to this 6 week Postnatal Pilates & Wellbeing Course.

    Cost: £175

    Cost: £140 without the equipment bundle using coupon code NOEQUIPMENT – note there is more in this bundle than the pregnancy class bundle

     Join The Waiting List


    Our classes are open to 9 people per course to ensure that you get lots of individual attention. If you aren’t able to secure your space for this forthcoming half-term, please join our waiting list to be notified of future availability.


    • When can I start the Pilates classes? You can start classes from 6-8 weeks postnatal after your 6/8 week check depending on whether you had any complications and how you are feeling.
    • How many spaces are there in the Pilates class? There will be 8 places in the class to ensure you get lots of individual attention.
    • Can I bring my baby to the Pilates class? You may bring your babies until they start crawling
    • How long is the Pilates course and when does it run ? The course is 6 weeks long and runs in term time only.
    • What do I wear to the Pilates class? Please bring some water and wear comfortable clothing including socks.
    • What do I need to bring to the Pilates class? Please bring something for your baby to lie on if you want them near you and some toys or play mat or bouncy chair

    Our Expertise


     Have some time to focus on you

    Meet other mums

     Destress and have an opportunity to talk

     Learn how to safely undertake everyday activities

     Regain stability and strength

     Release postural tensions & learn techniques to improve your posture and alignment

     Move your body

     Increase your energy levels

     Tackle those aches and pains

     Learn more about your postnatal body

     Connect with your pelvic floor and deep abdominals. Learn how to both release and strengthen them

     Eliminate urinary incontinence and those ‘whoops’ movements when you cough, sneeze, run or jump

     Reduce your mummy tummy

     Learn how to integrate Pilates into your everyday movement patterns

     Return to higher impact exercise safely

     Widen your pre and postnatal support network by meeting a range of trusted experts

     Heal your diastasic recti

    I chose the post natal pilates class to try to work on my separated abdominal muscles. I find Angela’s class easy to follow and very focused on all post natal problem areas. I am feeling the benefits – putting certain exercises into practice during the day and thinking about posture more. This is helping to strengthen my core and pelvic floor – both of which I thought had disappeared forever! It is also the most relaxed I have felt in a long time. Highly recommend!

    Jacqui Hale

    I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Angela’s lovely classes. They have made such a difference to my postnatal recovery and her caring and gentle approach make the sessions a relaxing experience. She’s also wonderful with the babies and i never cease to be amazed by her ability to teach Pilates while also soothing the little ones.
    Ruth Wilmington

    I started Pilates after developing lower back pain probably post-pregnancy and related to carrying my 2 y old son around! It’s been an excellent experience so far – Angela is a great teacher and the classes are both energising and relaxing and have really helped my back. I reallyenjoy classes and have learnt a lot about looking after my body through developing core strength. Thank you!

    Lara Menzies

    I really have to say that I think your online pre-recorded classes and courses are fantastic. They are so intuitive to follow and feel real.  I actually feel like you are talking to me when you say things like drop those shoulders! So all in all, i am really enjoying them albeit I have not been doing it as much as I would like. 

    Emilie McKay