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Meet Gail

Gail Lazarus is an Acupuncturist and Aromatherapist with 30 years of experience. Based in St Albans, she specialises in women’s health and hormonal balancing, including: fertility issues, pregnancy and pre- and post-birth treatments. Acupuncture helps nurture and ease women through the many physical and emotional changes that occur on the journey to motherhood – and beyond! All treatments are uniquely tailored to the individual’s needs, with a focus on promoting deep relaxation, health and wellbeing.


Tel: 07946 231075

Email: contact@gaillazarus.com

Meet Helen

Helen Thomas practices Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Practitioner working from The Southdown Clinic in Harpenden or her clinic in St Albans.  She is especially interested in Women’s health and reproductive medicine – from fibroids/ovarian cysts, menopause to natural/assisted fertility issues for both partners in conjunction with western medicine eg. IUI, IVF, Donor Cycles and continuing care during pregnancy.


Tel: The Southdown Clinic – 01582 760200 or 07790363867

Email: helenthomastcm@aol.com

Website: www.thesouthdownclinic.co.uk



Meet Elisabeth

Elisabeth Grover is a Doula, Reflexologist and Hypnobirthing Teacher based in Harpenden.  These are invaluable services that can help support you through your pregnancy, birth and early postpartum days.  Elisabeth has a gentle and caring approach making you feel 100% supported.

Meet Joan

Joan Mills is a Doula, Reflexologist and Hypnobirthing Teacher covering both Harpenden & St Albans.  These are invaluable services that can help support you through your pregnancy, birth and early postpartum days.  Joan is passionate and experienced and will work with you and your partner so you get your positive birth experience.


Tel: 07841 054708

Email:  djoanmills@yahoo.co.uk

Website: www.birthwell.co.uk



Meet Sandra 

Sandra Greenbank is a Nutritional Therapist based in Harpenden specialising in in the areas of Fertility, Pregnancy & Postnatal and Women’s Health.


 Tel: 07855 946529

Email: hello@sandragreenbank.co.uk

Website: www.sandragreenbank.com

Meet Claire

Claire McKenna is a local Harpenden based Osteopath with over a decade of experience.  Often in the pregnancy and postnatal period postural changes can take place due to the challenging physical demands placed on the body and underlying misalignments in the body can be painful and exhausting.  Seeing an osteopath that specialises in pre and postnatal care can be hugely beneficial.  They use a variety of very gentle techniques to help realign the body and release areas of tension which can help relieve pain and discomfort and aid for a smooth and natural delivery.  You can then use your pilates exercises to try to maintain alignment and good posture.


 Tel: 07725 555105

Email: bodymechanix@hotmail.co.uk

Website: www.bodymachanixharpenden.co.uk

Meet Paul

Paul Mitterhuber, local Harpenden based Osteopath, began his interest in postnatal related musculo-skeletal problems during his training and has since developed a wealth of experience treating particularly lower back issues during the latter stages of pregnancy and post partum.  Paul graduated from The British College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1993 and has worked in Harpenden for over 25 years.  Osteopathics Harpenden is a five minute walk away from Zing Wellness and we have a team of 6 experienced osteopaths as well as a neurophysio and a podiatrist.

Meet Sharisse

Sharisse Pitcher is an Osteopath based in Harpenden with a special interest in osteopathy for babies/children, pregnancy and sports injuries.  She trained at the College of Osteopaths for five years to complete an honours degree in Osteopathy in 2012. She is  also a qualified Nutritional Therapist, Pilates teacher and has experience in medical acupuncture, ultrasound, kinesiotaping and foot orthotic assessment & prescription.  She recently completed a year of post graduate study at the Osteopathic Centre for Children in Wandsworth.  Sharisse is hugely enthusiastic about osteopathy, having observed the positive changes it can make to people’s physical and mental wellbeing.


Tel: 07545322722

Email: sharisse@osteopathy-clinic.co.uk

Website: www.osteopathy-clinic.co.uk



Meet Vanessa 

Vanessa Barker is a ScarWork Therapist and Personal Trainer.  She specialises in postnatal exercise, and offers a mobile service so will come to you, with exercise equipment or massage table in hand, depending on your requirements! 



Tel: 07842 34997

Website: www.vanessabarker.com

Meet Steve

Steve Skelton is a local Personal Trainer that specialises in rehabilitation both from injury and post surgery.  He helped me recover from my most recent hip replacement and still gives me a good kick start when I need it.  His focus is very much on restoring natural movement patterns.  He will have you squatting, lunging, lifting, pushing, pulling, crawling and even bear walking.  Your glutes WILL ache the next day (and the day after) I warn you!


Tel: 07906 990203



Meet Richard

Richard Thomson  is a Personal Trainer based in Harpenden, and father to his two young children. Passionate about approaching fitness from a life-long perspective, he is a specialist in dealing with clients with pelvic floor issues, and in taking clients through their pre- and post- pregnancy fitness. There is so much you can do, a few things you shouldn’t and plenty you should be doing differently and he’d love to help you achieve your goals while being aware of the unique challenges pregnancy and birth place on your body and your mind.



Tel: 07949 254 643

Email: richardthomson@mail.com



Meet Jo

Jo Gilshan is a Chartered Physiotherapist and Pilates instructor based in Wheathampstead. From her studio she runs Glow Physio offering Physiotherapy; the specialised soft tissue technique of Myo-fascial Release (MFR) as well as studio Pilates on the spring-based equipment. By combining both manual therapy and Pilates, Jo provides a completely bespoke service and patients often benefit from having both during the same session. Jo works part time and lives with her husband, her three sons and her dog Willow.


 Tel: 07813 201366

Email: jo@glowphysio.com

Website: www.glowphysio.com

Meet Emma 

Emma Holly is a Harpenden based Scar Therapist.  She specialises in scar therapy If you have any tightness, numbness, pulling sensations or soreness around your scar she can help.  As a scar heals collagen fibres are laid down at the site of injury to create powerful healing bonds that aid recovery however these adhesions which initially have a hugely positive role to play in wound healing but can then create the foundation for dysfunction as their structures can bind to nearby organs and tissues around the site of the wound. Although a scar can appear healed on the surface it runs much deeper and shouldn’t be ignored.


Tel: 07814 296701

Website:  www.restoretherapy.co.uk

Meet Becky

Becky Aston is a specialist Pelvic Health Physiotherapist based in Berkhamsted.  Becky specialises in treating men and women with pelvic health conditions. If you are suffering with pelvic floor dysfunction, urinary incontinence, urge incontinence, fecal incontinence, diastasis recti or any postnatal niggles, physiotherapy with Becky may be your answer.  Becky is also a Mummy MOT Practitioner and Scar Therapist.


Tel: 07748 904123

Email: beckyastonphysio@gmail.com

Website: www.beckyastonphysiotherapy.co.uk

Meet Erica

Erica Lewis is Women’s Health Physiotherapist based in St Albans.  Whether this be during pregnancy, in the postnatal period or at any stage of adult life, Erica specialises in the detailed assessment and treatment of pelvic floor problems in women.


Tel: The Verulam Clinic – 01727 833100  

Email: erica@hertfordshirewomenshealth.co.uk

Website: www.hertfordshirewomenshealth.co.uk

Meet Becky

Rebecca Sessions is a Specialist MSK and Women’s Health Physiotherapist and owner of The Physio Specialist Clinic in Wheathampstead. She has a Post Graduate Certificate in Physiotherapy for Women’s Health. She treats all aspects of Women’s Health problems and has a special interest in treating antenatal SPD/PGP as well as offering detailed postnatal checks as part of her service.


Tel: 07903083486

Email: hello@physiospecialist.co.uk

Website: www.physiospecialist.co.uk

Facebook: @physiospecialistclinic