Move & Bloom

Harpenden Group Pregnancy Pilates Classes

Face-to-Face & Zoom Pilates Classes

When:   Wednesdays at 6.30pm

Duration: 90 minutes

Dates:  Wednesdays : 24, 31 Jul  & 7, 21, 28 Aug 2024

&  11, 18, 25 Sept,9, 16, 23 Oct 2024 (no class Oct 2nd)

Location: The Salvation Army, Leyton Green, Harpenden, Hertfordshire, AL5 2TG & Zoom

Move & Bloom Group Pregnancy Pilates Class

What To Expect From Your Pregnancy Pilates Classes…

Congratulations on your pregnancy!  What a wonderfully exciting time.!

Hopefully your morning sickness has eased a little and you ‘re feeling ready to get back into some gentle restorative exercise.  You might  also want to get birth-ready both physically and mentally, and meet other mums-to-be , to start building your invaluable tribe of support.

This is a half term course of pregnancy Pilates classes ,designed to support you through your pregnancy, prepare you for a positive birth experience; build up your strength for life as a mum; and  prepare you for a smooth postnatal recovery and, as much as possible, life beyond!

The course includes:

  • A half termly block of 90 minute Pilates classes, including 30 minutes of hypnosis for birth
  • A joining gift of a pack of 25 positive affirmation cards for pregnancy
  • A joining gift of a mini equipment bundle
  • A class WhatsApp group for supportive contact and chat
  • Access to a supportive closed Facebook group
  • Access to Move & Bloom online  which includes:
    • Over 2 hours of our favourite pregnancy exercises
    • 6 hypnobirthing MP3 audio tracks to listen to – they include 3 pregnancy hypnosis tracks , a birth preparation track, a labour track and a caesarean section track.
    • Informative interviews with some of our favourite pregnancy experts who are there to support you on your pregnancy journey. You’ll learn from an Osteopath, a Women’s Health Physiotherapist (such as Hertfordshire Women’s Health), not one but two Nutritionists, a Breastfeeding Counsellor, a Postnatal Doula and Holistic Sleep Coach and an Acupuncturist

In the Pilates classes we focus on gentle releases to alleviate pregnancy tension caused by your ever-changing body shape.  We’ll work to maintain a balanced posture and optimal alignment and we’ll reduce the stresses and strains caused by your growing foetus and bump. This will help you prevent back pain and tension building up in the body.  We  aim to ward off pregnancy-related conditions such as symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD) and pelvic girdle pain (PGP), and, if necessary, learn how to manage them  and rehabilitate these.

 Gentle restorative movement will help you connect with your baby and pregnant body.  There is a strong focus on breath work and connecting with your pelvic floor and deep abdominals.  You’ll learn how to both strengthen and release them.

We focus on optimal foetal positioning and preparing your body for childbirth. This will aide you with your birth preparation and empower you for a positive birth experience.

We will practice hypnosis for birth to help you unwind, relax and retain a positive mindset  to suit all birth preferences. You will be provided with  hypnobirthing audio tracks  to prepare you for birth, help you to relax, alleviate stress and anxiety.

I am passionate about preparing mums for the postnatal period so we will talk about what you can do to support your postnatal recovery.  We also incorporate functional exercise to strengthen and tone the body – being a mum is hard work!


 Your Pilates Sessions

Sign up to this  5/6 week course.

Cost: £110 & £130

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Our classes are open to 12 people per course to ensure you get lots of individual attention. Therefore, if you weren’t able to secure your space this half-term, please join our waiting list to be notified of any future availability.


When can I start pregnancy Pilates classes?
You can start classes from 14 weeks depend
ing on how you are feeling.

Can anyone do your pregnancy Pilates class? There are some pregnancy conditions that will require medical consent for you to exercise and a few that mean that you should not participate in exercise. I will send you a health screening form to complete  before the course starts.

How many spaces are there in the pregnancy Pilates class? There will be 12 places in the class to ensure you get lots of individual attention.

How often does the course of Pilates classes run? The course runs in half term blocks and runs in term time only.

What do I need to bring? Please bring  your swiss ball, a ,mat, your equipment bundle, a blanket, a head cushion, some water and wear comfortable clothing including socks.

 Our Expertise


 Manage your ever-changing body shape

 Maintain a balanced posture and optimal alignment 

  Release postural tension & learn techniques to improve your posture and alignment

 Ward off symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD) and pelvic girdle pain (PGP) or manage the symptoms caused by these conditions

 Reduce the stresses and strains caused by your growing foetus and bump

  Move your body

 Increase your energy levels

 Have the healthiest and most positive pregnancy possible

  Practice relaxation techniques

 Connect with your pelvic floor / deep abdominals and learn how to both strengthen and release/relax them 

 Learn mindful breathing

 Prepare for your birth & aide a positive birth experience

  Learn exercises to encourage optimal foetal positioning

  Prepare you for a smooth postnatal recovery 

 Strengthen the body in readiness for motherhood

 Eliminate urinary incontinence and those “whoops!” movements when you cough, sneeze, run or jump 

  Learn how to integrate Pilates into your everyday movement patterns

 Widen your pre and postnatal support network by meeting a range of trusted experts

 Have some time to focus on you

 Destress, meet other mums & have an opportunity to talk


I have been going to Angela’s classes for 4 years now, (both Post-natal & Pre-natal).

Her Pilates classes are so powerful that recently I actually went into labour during the hypnosis part of her prenatal class! My body and mind were so relaxed and in tune with Angela’s voice script that baby was born just 2 hours later!

Her knowledge of your body both pre and post natal is amazing, her helpfulness and general positive interest in you and your individual needs makes her classes so worthwhile for both body and mind.

Thank you once again Angela.

Ellie Smith

Our little girl arrived safe & well on Tuesday. The birth experience was everything I could have hoped for, so feel v.lucky. I listened to your tracks so much beforehand & the adrift music whilst in the birth pool! Thank-you so much 💓.

Your Pilates classes saved my sanity through a lockdown pregnancy, something I really looked forward to every week. Despite it being on zoom, you were so attentive to us all as indivuals and incredibly knowledgeable.

As a nutritionist I obviously have a huge passion for nutrition which I think helped with my pregnancy and experience, but it was no doubt your classes that kept me feeling flexible and strong throughout. The 30 mins hypnobirthing at the end of each class was amazing, I felt so relaxed after each one and always slept like a baby afterwards (although having a newborn now…who came up with that saying)! I’m so grateful and can’t wait to continue with your postnatal classes.

Alexandra Emerson-White

Angela’s pre-natal yoga classes are very informative and calming. And James does a really good pre-natal massage. I think of them as my pre-natal toolkit. Highly recommend!

Karen Pritchard

I attended pregnancy Pilates classes with Angela just before the birth of my son. The classes are the perfect balance of stretching and toning to prepare your body for the latter stages of pregnancy, the birth and also postnatally. Angela helps you to focus on your posture, breathing and pelvic floor – all of which played a huge role during my labour and aided a very quick recovery. Angela is a brilliant teacher. She’s calm, thoughtful and incredibly knowledgeable. I thoroughly enjoyed all her classes and will be back for some post natal sessions.

Lucinda Shapton

 I enjoyed Angela’s Move and Bloom Pilates and it helped my back a lot. Even if the hypnobirthing is not for you, I would do it just for the quality of the pilates and all you learn from the course. You barely need your NCT after that! 🙂

Montessat Prat

I have attended Angela’s pregnancy and post-natal Pilates classes and have found Angela to the best Pilates teacher I have ever had. The pregnancy classes helped me hugely with my stiff back and I always felt so relaxed afterwards (and slept amazingly well too!). I’ve continued with Angela’s classes post-natally and these have helped me to regain my core strength and stretch out stiff muscles from carrying my chunky baby! Angela’s classes are varied so you feel you get a very good workout and Angela’s knowledge of Pilates and the human body is very impressive. Highly recommend!

Liz Hage

Before I started Angela’s amazing pilates and hypnobirthing course I was feeling a bit lost in my pregnancy in terms of my changing body, looking after myself, my well-being and preparing for the birth. Thanks to Angela’s fantastic classes I feel so happy, so in control and ready for a wonderful birthing experience. Angela is so friendly and incredibly knowledgeable and experienced and the classes are very thorough. The pelvic floor and hypnobirthing exercises have made me feel so ready to give birth, both physically and mentally. Also I’ve met some lovely women and hope to stay in touch with them, which is an added bonus! I cannot recommend this course enough!!!

Sarah Horton

I attended Angela’s Pregnancy Pilates classes before having my second child and absolutely loved them. The environment was calm, relaxed and welcoming. Specific exercises relating to the control of the pelvic floor and breathing helped my labour and delivery be a calm and controlled experience in comparison with my first. Her advice relating to posture and engaging your core correctly during everyday tasks really helped pre and postnatally and I still use daily. There͛s also a lovely relaxation time at the end of each class with dim lights and music to help further unwind and it’s a great opportunity to speak to other Mums to be in an open and friendly environment. I highly recommend her classes and will be attending further postnatal classes too.

Lucy Hartin

I thoroughly enjoyed the Pregnancy Pilates class. I suffered with SPD during my second pregnancy and found this class really supportive in helping keep me moving easier and avoiding SPD in my third pregnancy. The classes were relaxed and friendly and Angela is so knowledgeable that it was an all round good experience. I would highly recommend these classes.

Nicola McGee-Crellin

I attended Angela’s antenatal Pilates classes when I was pregnant with my second son and it was a great experience. Aside from having an hour away from home and work to focus on nothing but the baby, the exercise really helped me to relax and understand the different techniques for keeping my body supple and ache-free! I fully intend to carry on with Pilates now that my son has been born, and look forward to signing up with Angela again

Laura Drury

I have started attending Angela’s pregnancy pilates classes since the 16th week of pregnancy and now well into my 3rd trimester I can definitely say they have made a huge difference to my general wellbeing. Not only I have kept mobile and pain free thoughout the pregnancy but also very positive about the whole experience of expecting a first child. I really like the hypnobirthing scripts that she does at the end of each pilates session and my husband and I have learnt so much during the one day hypnobirthing course. During the 2nd trimester I started experiencing lower back pain and leg cramps but managed to keep them at bay with James’ pregnancy massages. They are soothing and relaxing and it’s the only time I can lie on my front as he uses a special pregnancy massage full body pillow. We are looking forward to welcoming our baby and I plan to continue with the post-pregancy restorative classes and massages in the future. I would recommend Angela and James as they are highly trained specialists and really lovely people.

Carmen Skipper

I have been seeing both Angela for Pilates, and James for massages during my pregnancy, and they have both been amazing. I have struggled with back pain, and James’ massages in particular have made such a difference – I booked an appointment one morning after a sleepless night due the the pain, and his massage was a genuine game-changer. He has this wonderful pregnancy pillow which means you can lie safely on your front for the massage, even in the third trimester, and that means the massage can be more focused and effective than lying your side. Both Angela and James are true experts in pre and post natal well-being, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

Jo Lane

Angela’s pregnancy pilates course was absolutely invaluable to me during my pregnancy and it worked really well doing her one day hypnobirthing course with my husband at the end having practiced the same relaxation techniques and scripts during the pilates classes. The pilates classes provided me with the perfect opportunity to focus on my pregnancy, my body and my wellbeing whilst also meeting a fantastic support network of professionals and particularly other Mums who I now speak to and spend time with; with my baby! Angela is extremely knowledgeable and always available with advice. I’d highly recommend her courses.

Clare Bridger

I just wanted to say thank you for tonight – I was pretty wound tight physically and mentally from work today and had a quick turnaround at home to come back out. 

Now I feel so relaxed, all my tension has gone in my back and neck and I’m ready for a sound nights sleep!  

I also think it’s so wonderful and important for baby to experience me so blissed out too

Katy Middleditch