Empower Yourself & Prepare For A Positive Birth Experience With Our Live Online 1-2-1 Hypnobirthing Course

1-2-1 Live Online Hypnobirthing Course


When: 3 x 1.5 hr sessions organised to fit in with your schedule and to meet your needs with homework to do in between sessions

Duration: 4.5 hours with me and 2 hours of homework

Dates: Will be arranged with you .  The course can be run on a weekend or over three evenings (Fri, Sat or Sun).

Where:  Over zoom

Cost: £199

What To Expect From Your  Live Online Hypnobirthing Course…

Hello, I’m Angela Rake, an Independent Hypnobirthing Practitioner (trained by MamaSerene),  Harpenden based pregnancy & postnatal Pilates teacher, mum of three little people and all round birth geek.

During these challenging Covid-19 times I am running hypnobirthing courses live using the wondrous video-conferencing technology we have available to us.  From the comfort of your own home I will support you to prepare for a positive and informed birth. 

You will learn and get lots of practice of how to take yourself into a deep state of relaxation or hypnosis, a safe place that you can retreat to at any time.  By applying hypnosis techniques to childbirth it can help you have a calm and positive experience.  

My training is designed to be inclusive for any birth choice as hypnosis for birth can benefit you no matter where you give birth and no matter what happens on the day.  

You will go away with a full toolkit to draw on to help you prepare for the birth, to use during the birth itself and hopefully also bring you benefits in the early postnatal period too.

I run my training over three sessions providing you with homework in between your sessions to practice and assimilate all you have learned.

I encourage you to have your birth partner with you during the training and some of the homework includes them too.

To get a  feel for my perspective on hypnobirthing you can also read my blog, your essential guide to hypnobirthing.

Best of all at the end of the course you will feel empowered to leave any worries you have about birth behind and you will feel lighter and excited to meet your baby.

What Does The Hypnobirthing Course Cover:

  • 4.5 hours of teaching over 3 sessions
  • 2 hours of homework including exercises to do with your birth partner, videos to watch and hypnosis tracks to listen to
  • 6 x MP3 audio tracks
  • A copy of Kicki Hansard’s ‘Path To Birth’
  • 30 positive affirmation cards
  • Laminated useful resources for the birth
  • My course material 
  • The Positive Birth Book by Milli Hill
  • Access to my closed Facebook group
  • WhatsApp support until your birth

What Sort Of Things Does The Hypnobirthing Course Cover?

Together we will explore:

  • Hypnosis, demystify what it is, how it feels and how it works
  • The subconscious and how it works
  • The difference between meditation/relaxation and hypnosis
  • The power of relaxation and how it supports the birth process
  • What happens in labour and how you may feel during each stage
  • How hypnosis supports the physiology of birth
  • You will learn the power of your own breath
  • We will discuss the importance of your environment and creating your nest during childbirth
  • Your birth plan and things to think about
  • We will discuss the power of language and being kind to ourselves.
  • The emotional stages of labour
  • You will receive a pack of 30 positive birth affirmations for you to put up around your home and use during childbirth to trigger positive feelings about yourself, your body and childbirth
  • History of childbirth
  • Tools for making decisions on the day
  • You will have ample opportunity on the day to practice self hypnosis and deep relaxation and will get six hypnosis scripts recorded by me with my voice to take away and practice. By hearing my voice you will naturally trigger a relaxed state as we will build a sense of trust during the course.

 1-2-1 Hypnobirthing Course

Purchase your course here and then I will be in touch to schedule a suitable dates and time.

Cost: £199 for both you and your birth partner


When is the best time to do the hypnobirthing course? 

As someone who had their babies early I would say it is never too early as the more time you have to practice the more benefits you get so  ideally I would say any time from 28 weeks.

I am having a planned c-section, will I still benefit from the course? 

Yes of course, the course is geared towards preparing you for childbirth even if you have a c-section.  It is still important to have tools and techniques to keep you calm when having a c-section.

Will hypnobirthing mean I have a less painful birth?

Although hypnobirthing won’t prevent pain it will teach you to work with your contractions and appreciate them for the powerful muscular actions that they are.

Will doing hypnobirthing prevent a medicalised birth?

My hypnobirthing course doesn’t prevent a medicalised birth but it can enable a positive birth experience regardless of how your baby is born.

Do I need to have a birth partner with me to do the course?

It is absolutely not essential but having your birth partner with you is invaluable as it gives them an array of tools and techniques to use to support  you during childbirth.  For example, we discuss each stage of labour and how your birth partner can support you during each stage and exercises you can do together to help you both find serenity and calm.  I, in particular, love watching how the course brings couples together


 Our Expertise

I am a specialist Pilates teacher with deep knowledge and experience of working with the pregnant and postnatal population.  Over time, I began to observe when teaching my pregnancy Pilates classes that women came to me as much for birth preparation and coaching as they did for exercise.  Preparing their bodies for childbirth both physically and  mentally was a vital part of the Pilates class.  I was already spending a lot of time on the breath and the power of the breath in connecting with the pelvic floor and core and activating their parasympathetic nervous system.  I had introduced a relaxation session at the end of the class to help switch off their thinking brain, relax and slow down.  More and more,  I got positive feedback on how the classes helped my clients lose any anxieties about birth and feel relaxed, confident and excited about meeting their babies.  This and my own experiences when having my three children inspired me to train with Dani Diosi to become an Independent Hypnobirthing Practitioner and in January 2019 I became a fully qualified teacher.  This course is the culmination of my training where I wish to give my clients the tools to enable them to build trust and positive relationships with their birthing bodies.



 Provides a set of tools and skills that enables a birthing mother to hypnotise themselves 

  Hypnobirthing makes a positive difference to how a woman perceives labour and birth and how she experiences the contractions that accompany it

 Teaches you powerful techniques to work with contractions to harness their strength and power 

 Enables you to emotionally and physically prepare for birth

  Learn highly effective techniques to use the power of your breath to calm your mind and empower your body 

 Gives you evidence based information to enable you to make informed decisions for yourself and your baby

Gives birth partners the tools to support their partner through the birthing process so that they become a central part of the process rather than an onlooker

 Learn to protect yourself from negative birth stories

 Meet other local expectant parents

 Prepare for your birth & learn techniques  to get you into a positive mindset so you can get excited about meeting your baby

  Hypnobirthed babies tend to be calmer at birth and more alert

  Hypnobirthed babies tend to have higher APGAR scores

 Research shows using hypnosis for birth results in a reduction in labour length

 Research shows using hypnosis for birth results in less reported pain

  Research shows using hypnosis for birth results in a reduction in medical intervention

 Research shows using hypnosis for birth results in a reduced caesarean rate

 Research shows using hypnosis for birth results in a reduced need for pharmacological anaesthesia/analgesia



We are delighted to announce the birth of our baby who was delivered as planned at home on Sunday afternoon! I listened to the scripts throughout my labour and I can’t tell you how invaluable it was. I was so calm whilst in the bath that I kept going into either deep hypnosis or sleep, I’m not quite sure, between contractions. I kind of felt almost a bit drugged up/out of it for that whole time and I think the midwives were surprised when they assessed me on their arrival and I was 6cm dilated, and they also commented on how easy I made it look! 
I didn’t have any pain relief for labour (although did for the examination post delivery!) 
I used the techniques and scripts throughout the labour both in the bath and birthing pool.
I really can’t thank you enough for the training and scripts, it really transformed my labour, and I know it would have been a completely different experience without it.
Thank you again for your invaluable help and guidance
Hannah Louissant

We took Angela’s hypnobirthing course before the birth of our second baby in December and can’t recommend this course more strongly. We found all the content really well thought out and relevant – Angela is such an expert in childbirth and combines her own experience with evidence based research.

I listened to the hypnosis tracks every day for the last 6 weeks or so of my pregnancy and found them really helpful in relaxing me and making sure I took some time out to rest as well. I felt really positive about the birth even when I went a few days overdue (having been absolutely convinced baby was coming early!) with Christmas and the arrival of family being imminent.

During the birth itself, I was mostly really calm. I loved having the labour track playing the whole time and really focused on what Angela was saying. Everything happened very quickly (less than 2 hours start to finish!) but I was able to breathe deeply and just go with the flow. There were a couple of points where self-doubt set in and I got a bit panicky but Tom recognised those as transition and was brilliant at getting me back on track by breathing with me and using “breathe, release, let go”. I didn’t end up needing any pain relief until post delivery. 

After baby arrived we chilled out listening to the piano meditation music Angela recommended which was a really special time. That music still puts baby to sleep 4 weeks later!

Overall Angela’s course helped us go into the birth in a more positive frame of mind and made the labour experience much calmer than our first labour. We felt we had really thought about what we wanted and that we were in control. We both really enjoyed the course and would recommend it to others regardless of how or where you plan to give birth.

Tom & Emma Cochrane

The reason I started doing Hypnobirthing was due to wanting to not panic during my labour.

Working with Angela made me able to remain calm throughout my pregnancy and in the final weeks prior to my labour. 

The techniques that Angela taught me were superb and allowed me to actually enjoy the experience, as I knew exactly what my body was doing and that it was completely natural.

Thank you Angela for giving me the tools and opening my mind, ensuring I relaxed and enjoyed one of the best days of my life!

Jacyln Norman

I loved how positive the course was.

Being hypnotised has proved to me that it works and that it will be hugely beneficial during and after the birth journey.

Angela is an awesome trainer and she was easy to talk to and was incredibly professional.  

My overall concept about hypnosis has changed for the better and I have certainly learned useful techniques to support my wife and myself on a day to day basis.

Max Louissant

Angela is incredibly knowledgeable about childbirth and this comes aacross really clearly.   She is enthusiastic and and absolutely committed to helping you have the best birth possible.  We really enjoyed ourselves and learned a lot.  We also enjoyed spending time together.  

We really loved this grounded and evidence based course.  Angela teaches you to have the best birth possible wherever you are and really gives you the tools to stay calm and focused even if things don’t go to plan.

Emma & Tom Cochrane

It has been an eye opener.  I now know how hypnobirthing can help my partner.

I thought it might be awkward but Angela made us relax.

Angela was very welcoming and easy to talk to openly.

Angela was very hands on and had a claming nature.  She made us feel at ease.

We will definitely be recommeding Angela to friends.

Chris Norman

It was so useful to learn the stages of labour and what to expect and how hypnobirthing techniques can be used to calm me during the various stages. I definitely learned not to panic because I am in control, safe and everything that is happening is natural.

I loved the intimacy of a small group, the practical sessions of hypnosis and the open discussions on anxieties and how to overcome them.

Angela was superb.  Welcoming, kind, soothing, clear and knowledgeable.  She put me at complete ease.  She listened and made her answers relevant and personal.

Having never truly opened my mind to hypnosis I am now aware of how powerful it can be.  I am in control, I am safe and I can do this!!  The course has made me excited instead of anxious about meeting our baby.  Thank you!!

Jaclyn Norman

For me as the partner it was so useful to have cues to support my partner through the birth.  Also, it was useful to reinforce some of the things we learned at NCT.

It was great to learn the biology behind hypnosis and demystify it.

Angela was great.  She took her time to discuss the topics and cover off any questions.  Also she made everyone feel at ease and relaxed.

The session  was much better than I expected and it was clear how well it will support us during the birth.  I really enjoyed the fact that it was practical..  It was also much better having another couple of couples there.

Nick Herbert

I had tried some hypnobirthing techniques using a download but I wasn’t sure if it was ‘working’ or if i was doing it ‘right’.  Having Angela there to advise, reassure, and feedback in the moment was very useful.

It felt like equal importance had been placed in learning the biology behind hypnosis as well as practising techniques.  This will probably help the people who might be a bit cynical or doubtful about the process.  I also think that having my partner there was very useful.  he has some of his own techniques now and he’ll understand what I am trying to do both when practicing and during labour.

Angela was very calm and welcoming.  It was easy to relax with her and in her home.  I like that she shared some of her own experiences with us, it made the course very personal.

I was impressed with the whole experience.  I came out of the course feeling more relaxed and positve than I had in a long time.  I am trying to remember that feeling and reproduce it during practice.  It was also good to have a small group of three couples as I feel we covered a lot more.

Claire Anderson

I enjoyed understanding the physiology behind what forms beliefs and then putting it into practice. 

I loved discussing different people’s understanding/perspectives/beliefs about hypnosis and seeing how they changed during the course.  I loved practising hypnosis.

Angela had good knowledge and was able to facilitate discussion and correct people’s understanding without undermining.

It was great that Angela has both the background of being a Pilates Instructor and mother of three to inform her practice.  An excellent course – I would recommend to others, thank you.

Hannah Louissant