What Is Hot Stone Massage?

A hot stone massage is the pinnacle of relaxation! The warmth of the stones just melts away any tension or stress you maybe feeling and transports you to a place that is cosseting, tranquil and happy. A hot stone massage relieves tension by getting into the deeper layers of the muscles using the heat from the smooth basalt stones. This heat helps release any tightness in the muscles much faster than a normal massage and with much lighter strokes for a deeper and more relaxed massage. 

You may have seen many pictures advertising a hot stone massage with the hot stones placed on the client’s back. I think there is a better way to do it than this as it is the muscles not the spine or bones that need treating. The stones need to be moved around the body especially over the muscles as this is where the tension in your body will be not in the spine or any other bones. I use the stones as an extension of my hands, gently moving the stones around the area that is being worked on distributing the heat from the stones over the muscles which need it most. Once the muscles have been warmed up I am then able to release the tension in them without causing any discomfort. This enables both a deeper massage that is in equal measure very relaxing, the perfect combination of a wellbeing massage and deep tissue massage giving yout the best of both worlds.

Your Massage Sessions

Sessions are interchangeable with Pilates sessions held at the Zing Wellness Studio so you can mix and match as appropriate.

NOTE:  Due to the Corona virus all massage services are currently suspended.


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Cost: £60-500


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Cost: £60


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Cost: £500


Does hot stone massage hurt? A hot stone massage uses smooth basalt stones heated to a temperature of 50 degrees Celsius. The temperature of the stones is checked and if they are too hot they can be cooled down by holding the stones in my hands and transferring the heat to you before using the stones on your body. The heat from the stones gently warms the muscles which means that the strokes used are much more gentle. This is by far and away the most relaxing and gentle way to have a massage.

Should I try and stay awake during my treatment? It is perfectly normal to fall asleep during your treatment. Most massage aims to relax you and reduce your tension and if you do fall asleep then I will have achieved that goal.

Will there be any side effects of the massage? As with most types of massage there can be a few side effects of hot stone massage which include flu like symptoms after your treatment as massage removes toxins from the body. Also, many people feel lightheaded as they get up from the massage table but this passes very quickly. Often, dehydration is common as massage will help remove toxins from the body so it is very important to keep your levels of hydration up after the treatment.

Can anyone have a hot stone massage? For most people, hot stone massage is completely safe and a fantastic way to relax. However, if you are pregnant, have high blood pressure which is not regulated or any heart condition, if you have diabetes or are undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy or any condition where you cannot feel heat these are usually contraindications for hot stone massage. There are others too as outlined in this blog.   Please speak to me first if you are unsure.

 Our Expertise


I have a level 4 diploma from Premier Global in sports massage and deep tissue therapy, a diploma in hot stone massage and a specialist interest in pregnancy, postnatal, scar tissue massage and oncology massage. I have worked with a broad range of clients from athletes to new mums all of whom have benefited from my unique skills and expertise.

Using hot stone massage I am able to get much quicker and better results for all body types as well as providing a deeply relaxing experience. 


 Gently releases tension in the body using the warmth of the stones

 Helps reduce muscle spasm

 Increases joint flexibility

Gets to the deeper layers of the muscles

 Releases feel good hormones and regulates stress hormones.

 Improves blood circulation, helps removes toxins from the body and promotes healing

James provides a superb deep tissue massage. Really fortunate to have him nearby.

Luqman Ali