Deep Tissue Massage

It’s easy to think that deep tissue massage is for those with injuries, significant aches and pains. Certainly, if this is your thinking, you’re not mistaken. After the treatment, you will feel huge relief – but it doesn’t stop there.

At Zing Wellness, we believe that regular massage is vital self-care that allows everyone to maintain optimum posture and alignment. In this way, aches, pains and tension can be warded off before they escalate. The stresses and strains of everyday life can be released and managed. Simply put, it’s much easier to prevent an injury than to treat one. 

In the same way that we MOT our cars or service our boilers, we should maintain our bodies’ good health. Regular massage, combined with Pilates, is a really effective way to do this. (You may have noticed that your body start to creak when you miss your weekly Pilates fix and monthly massage! Keep it all up!)

What Is Deep Tissue Massage?

We have a blog answering this very question.

In summary, deep tissue massage, as the name suggests, is a massage therapy that gets to the deepest layers of muscles. Up until relatively recently, many people thought that the only way to get to the deeper layer of muscles was through applying considerable pressure. However, imagine someone putting as much pressure as they can on your back, for example, and expecting you to breathe through it and relax. How relaxing would that be? Not very relaxing at all!

Pushing past the point of comfort for a very short time is usually not a problem but going past this point for a lengthy period of time, or repeatedly, encourages the body to release the stress hormone cortisol. Understandably, this does not produce the desired results!

There is a better way.

Our therapists connect with clients’ muscles and assess each one’s level of elasticity. Then they work to that level and not beyond, giving fantastic results. Of course, there will be tender spots here and there but these are few and far between. Each client is different and even one person can feel different responses at different times.

By ‘talking’ to the muscles of each client, it is possible to have a two way ‘communication’ to get the best and most effective results.

Having a greater understanding of how the body works; an open mind to new techniques; and the ability to listen to both the client – and their muscles – means that deep tissue massage is a very relaxing experience. We thoroughly recommend it!


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Cost: £65



How often will I need a deep tissue massage? 
Unlike remedial massage, deep tissue therapy may only be needed for one session or depending on your lifestyle a block of sessions.

Does deep tissue massage hurt? To get to the deeper layers of muscles requires greater pressure and occasionally you may feel a little discomfort. However, the skill of an experienced therapist means that you should not be in pain as there are many techniques which can be used to manipulate the deep layers of muscles without inducing pain.

Should I try and stay awake during my treatment? It is perfectly normal to fall asleep during your treatment. Most massage aims to relax you and reduce your tension and if you do fall asleep then I will have achieved that goal.

Will there be any side effects of the massage?  A small number of people  have flu like symptoms after their treatment as massage helps the body remove toxins. Also, occasionally some people feel lightheaded as they get up from the massage table but this passes very quickly. Often, dehydration is common as massage will help remove toxins from the body so it is very important to keep your levels of hydration up after the treatment.

 Our Expertise 


 Release tension in the body preventing back pain, neck pain and generalised musculoskeletal pain.

 Improve elasticity of the muscles and improves flexibility.

 Improve posture and alignment.

 Relax and enables your breath to move more freely.

 Massage releases feel good hormones and regulates stress hormones.

 Massage improves blood circulation, removes toxins from the body and promotes healing.

James provides a superb deep tissue massage. Really fortunate to have him nearby.

Luqman Ali

I had a deep tissue massage with James last week and it was absolutely perfect! I consider myself very picky with massages and can honestly say this one was one of the best I have ever had. I will definitely be back, and will look into purchasing a package. Thank you!

Nicole Rowihab

A really great deep tissue massage – just what I needed. Thank-you.

Joanna Lane

A great deep tissue massage on my injured hamstring by James in a peaceful environment

Garry Engleman

I went to James with a few queries about tension in my back and other areas and the want for a deep tissue massage, but came out feeling more relaxed and knowledgable then I would of known! A professional yet easy and comfortable experience where James helped pin point some areas which were causing discomfort and a slightly off posture. Very informative and more importantly I found James honest regarding his suggestions for me. The massage was fantastic and I felt thoroughly relaxed afterwards. Thanks James! Will be back again soon.

Isabelle Thorpe

I’ve suffered with back pain and headaches as a result of my work for years now. I booked a deep tissue massage and explained my issues with James who gave an incredible massage. My back has been so much better as a result. Thank you.

Carli Adams