Covid-19 Massage Update – 8th Jan 2021

In the absence of published legislation, and based on government guidance our governing bodies advised us to stop working just before Christmas. They have now had a chance to review the latest amendments to the Health Protection Regulations and since there are no material changes to previous versions of this legislation as far as Sports Massage/Soft Tissue Therapy is concerned, James is able to work following the existing advice given during the November lockdown.

Since James is qualified to level 4 he may continue to work under stringent conditions; when there is a medical need.  James is expected to keep documented risk assessments, wear full PPE (gloves, mask, apron and visor), conduct regular cleaning, strict hygiene precautions and screen every client.  Treatments must be kept to a minimum time.  A medical condition clearly does not include a routine maintenance massages.  Suggested medical conditions are: 

  • Unbearable pain levels
  • Inability to perform activities of essential daily living (personal care, continence management, feeding etc)
  • Inability to sleep (affecting function)
  • Inability to work (for frontline workers)

As a result of the need to conduct a virtual or telephone screening prior to a face-to-face treatment to assess the need, bookings will only be able to be made by emailing or phoning James.

As a family, we are very conscious of the greater transmissibility of the new Covid variant and with Angela being considered clinically extremely vulnerable we need to be very cautious.  We may suggest exploring some self massage techniques first.  For example, in one 1-2-1 session Angela could teach you a whole self-massage repertoire to help you use self massage techniques during this difficult time.

To discuss your needs and book in please contact James.  For now our booking system is closed so he can manage the screening process.

Covid-19 Pilates Update – 21st Dec 2020

As we go into lockdown again all Pilates classes both 1-2-1 and group revert to zoom only.  I had been running my Thursday classes both on zoom and face to face and I had been running some 1-2-1s face to face.  This is no longer the case.  If you are interested in joining a class you can see my timetable below.

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