Corporate Massage

Our busy and stressful desk-based working environment can take its heavy toll on our bodies – especially on the back, neck and shoulders.  It also contributes to higher levels of anxiety, stress and (in many cases) depression.

Corporate massage and resulting employee health and wellness boosts productivity, morale and employer retainer rates. It also attracts employees to such responsible, considerate employers in the first place.

Here at Zing Wellness we have both been in the Corporate world working, working in London, commuting every day and struggling with poor posture and various aches and pains as a consequence. We therefore strongly believe in Corporate Massage because research shows that regular 15-minute corporate chair massage sessions can lead to a 50% reduction in levels of stress and a 26% reduction in anxiety and depression. A less stressed, less anxious and less depressed workforce can only lead to a happier, more productive and focused workforce.

Our whole business is driven by our vision to enable our clients to find the happiest, healthiest versions of themselves. Since so many of our clients spend a large proportion of their time at work, it makes real sense to provide corporate massage services.

A recent statistic from the Health & Safety Executive States that, in 2018/19, about 28.2 million working days were lost due to sickness. A high percentage of those lost days were owing to depression and anxiety with another large percentage for musculoskeletal problems. So, the question is: can you afford not to offer Corporate Massage to your employees?

Certainly, a study conducted by Virgin found that employees who participated in wellbeing activities were 49% more productive and took 31% fewer sick days. More and more companies are also coming to understand that looking after their most valuable asset makes good business sense and one of the most popular ways of doing this is to provide onsite massage.

Owing to its convenience, employees often perceive onsite massage as a real company benefit, even if they pay for the service themselves. Corporate or onsite chair massage takes place in the office and is done fully-clothed. Sessions are either 15 or 30 minutes. 15 minutes is usually sufficient for most employees. I have a special massage chair for this type of massage.

I normally work on a corporate client’s neck, shoulders and back. However, if you have a specific request or a question about corporate massage, I am always able to try to accommodate your preferences and meet your company’s needs.


Cost dependent on your requirements.  Please complete the form below or call to discuss.

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How often should I have a seated massage? 
Depending on your circumstances, we would usually recommend monthly or fortnightly. Regularity gets the best results.

Will I have to undress for the massage? Seated massage is done fully clothed. No oils are used so your clothes wont get messy. If there is space to use a massage table and the room is private we can also provide full body massage for those who prefer this. This has to be booked in advance for a full day.

Do you do trial sessions? We offer trial sessions if you are booking ongoing massage at least once a month so that you can experience the quality of my massages. I know you wont be disappointed.

How do I organise an onsite massage session? The best thing to do is give me a call so that we can discuss what your requirements are and then I can provide you with a schedule for you to put your employees names on. Simple.

Our Expertise

I am a fully qualified and insured deep tissue and sports massage therapist with a level 4 diploma and a specialist interest in deep tissue and remedial therapy massage.  I also have qualifications in Scar massage, Oncology massage, pregnancy and postnatal massage and hot stone massage. In my clinic and in various offices I treat lots of clients who have poor posture, a variety of aches and pains and ongoing issues due to the working life. Having also worked in an office I am fully aware of the stresses and strains of this environment. I wish I had office massage when I was working these long hours and commmuting. 


Benefits to the employee:

Relieves neck, upper back and shoulder tension caused from long periods of sitting at a desk or using a phone often referred to as ‘text neck’

Alleviates feelings of stress, anxious and depressed

Reduces employee absences particularly stress-related illnesses, including back problems, repetitive strain injuries and other postural and physical problems

Helps improve posture and tackle issues such as carpel tunnel syndrome, tendinitis and other repetitive strain

Increases focus, energy and mental clarity

Improves sleep patterns for better long term performance

Benefits to the employer:

 Improves morale as employees feel valued

 Increases productivity and hence profitability

 Improves employee retention

 Increases employee goodwill

 Attracts top talent

 Reduces employee absenteeism