Closing The Bones

When:  Monday, Tuesday, Friday morning or Saturday

Duration: 1.5/2 hrs

Where:  Face to Face at Zing Wellness Studio or at your home

Cost: £125


Closing The Bones

What Is Closing The Bones?

Closing the bones is a very gentle and  nourishing massage to help a woman with her postnatal recovery. As well as gentle abdominal massage, a rebozo scarf is used to rock and wrap the body to promote a feeling a being held and closure after the process of giving birth.  The ritual is designed to help rebalance and restore the new mother, speed up the postnatal healing process and help with the changes that take place after a baby has been born as the mother’s body reverts and as organs, joints and soft tissue move back to their optimal place.  It has been said to help ‘close’ the body physically, emotionally and spiritually.  It is a beautiful, peaceful way of honouring and blessing the birthing body, the birthing soul and birthing bones.

Although this is a South American tradition originating from Ecuador, it is a worldwide universal practice often offered by elder women in the community to postnatal mothers.   This ceremony would have been passed down through generations of birthing mothers where the elders in the community would hold, honour and nurture the birthing mother, something I strongly believe has been lost in our society.   Sophie Messager (perinatal educator, doula and healer) and Teddy Brookes (Osteopath) have adapted the treatment following Sophie being taught by Dr Rocio Alarcon in 2013. Rocio trained in midwifery, shamanism and ethnobotany and holds a Phd in Philosophy-Ethnopharmacology from UCL in London.

The treatment is generally 1.5-2 hrs but it can vary in length depending on the time available and your needs.   It can be done within hours of birthing your baby and years afterwards.  It may be performed once or multiple times. It may be done at our studio or as a home visit. It does involve a short consultation at the start, talking through your birth experience and how you are feeling.

The closing the bones ritual itself uses rebozo scarves to gently rock your body to relax you. This may just be the pelvis, shoulders and hips or around your  whole body. It starts with some gentle massage around the abdominal area, hip area, pelvic area and glutes to encouraging healing using a massage oil. Then we go back to rocking the pelvis with the rebozo scarf and the gently wrapping the body with the rebozo scarves (7 of them) to make you feel warm, comforted, safe and cocooned. At this point you will be left in stillness with a blanket over you. I may read some poems or play some Reiki drumming music and allow you to rest.


 Closing The Bones

Cost: £125

Zing Wellness

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 My Expertise


 Help the mother’s  joints and soft tissue move back to their optimal place post pregnancy and birth

  Help rebalance and restore the new mother

 Speeds up the postnatal healing process


Thank you for today, I have just experienced the most amazing, beautiful, surreal yet grounding closing the bones ceremony.  I am actually lost for words.  How do I feel?  I actually have no idea, I’ll let you know tomorrow.  Wizardry at its very best.  Thank you Angela.

Heather, Luton

I had a Closing the Bones ceremony with Angela at 6 weeks postpartum. It was truly a wonderful experience. Physically I walked away feeling lighter, released and like I’d had a warm hug. Emotionally I felt restored and rested. I think taking some time out just for you in those intense newborn days is such a valuable thing and Angela is the perfect person – combining  her deep knowledge of postnatal bodies with a caring and nurturing touch.

Emma Cochrane, Harpenden